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living with someone who won't pick up after themselves or clean....
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M / Australia
Posted 2/23/14 , edited 2/24/14
i have that similar too.
long time ago, i live with my older bro. we were studying in same university. he never clean the house very properly. he just leave his dirty clothes on the floor, leave food on the table (never put it in the fridge), never wash the dishes, garbage on floor, hairball everywhere, nails on sofa, etc.

everytime i clean the whole house, he always bring his shit friends over here and made a party, they messed up everything and dirty again (many empty glasses and the smell is so shit) i was so angry at him. i worked so hard to keep the house to be clean and then he brought the dirty all over again

how to solve this problem. i just leave the living and kitchen to be dirty for him to clean up. and its work .. sometimes he started to clean a little bit but not really good -.-

right now i alone in my apartment. HELL YEAH!!
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Posted 12/27/15 , edited 12/27/15
Year-end cleaning. Closing threads with no new posts since 2014.
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