Why Is Shiroe different from other Players?

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Posted 2/22/14 , edited 2/23/14
This concerns something that has bothered me a bit since the very first episode.

Why is Shiroe the only adventurer who differs from his race template?

In game, he is supposed to be Half Alv but in his new reality, he appears as a full-on Human. Even he notices the change when he looks into the water but from that point on it seems to be completely forgotten.

No LN spoilers please. Just kind of wondered is all.
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Posted 2/28/14 , edited 2/28/14
I think that the Alv-DNA is just like DNA, you can't see it but it's there. I don't know if this is a spoiler but I read where you can tell if someone is half-elv by a symbol under their tongue.
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