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I agree with him and he or she is right about this.

By YouTuber timongarretson1 month ago

Remember one of the most notable, celebrated, and glorified love stories is Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet in which Juliet is 13 years old. In the Jewish tradition the Bar and Bat Mitzvah occur at 13 for sons and 12 for daughters to signify their passing into adulthood. In Latin America the daughter's 15 birthday is celebrated by the Quinceañera in which a girl passes into womanhood. The idea that pedophilia or more specifically sex with post-puberty individuals is a deranged act is false because it was and still is a part of many cultures as shown in the examples above and I'm not sure I'm hearing anyone protesting the glorification of Romeo and Juliet, ancient Judaic practices, or 15 yr old Latinas becoming Catholic baby factories but hey best not be over 18 and talking to a teenager on the internet because now THAT's creepy...

In biblical times that Americans are so in love with how old do you suppose the prostitutes and wives were? If the average life expectancy was something like 28-30 years old and a family had multiple children and the mother and father are able to live long enough to be grandparents... well you go ahead and start piecing that math together.

Biologically a girl/woman is ready to be a mother as soon as she gets her first period. Those aren't practice eggs bleeding out of her vagina. Those ovaries are locked, stocked, and ready to rock out that baby factory. The vagina doesn't get wet because she had a little rain cloud drizzling in her panties it's lubrication to aid with the insertion of a penis.

Now lets say we're in contemporary America so for economic and social reasons parents want their children to be adults (18+) before sexual intercourse but 13 year old are still fucking like rabbits which seems to be ok when it's on the hush-hush as long as one of the partners isn't over 18 years of age because that obscure and random metric holds some kind of magical power.

What an interesting clusterfuck of social hypocrisy we live in. It's like people aren't able to critically think or see reality if it's contrary to their narrow beliefs of the world and it's social order. Of course I don't speak of prepubescent children because their bodies are incapable of sexual reproduction at those ages and intercourse would at this point be blatant abuse since the primary purpose of sex is reproduction. I don't particularly want to bang teenagers but it just blows my mind that people are sooooooo appalled by the concept of "adults" and "teenagers" hooking up when recorded history not only shows it to be common practice but often times also encouraged.

How many "teenage pregnancy" reality shows are on television now? That's fine because it glorifies teenagers that can't financially support a child having risky and unprotected sex. It would be improper and socially unacceptable if one of the partners were 18+ and financially capable of supporting a child... that's just gross.

video link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=geAzzwPZG_M
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