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Age(any age except baby):










Weapon(ask first and put in spoiler):

Power(ask first):

Place in the Academy(Butler,maid,waiter,cook,etc.):

Picture(in spoiler):

P.S. Doesn't have to be blue
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Name:Fuyuki Dahu




Background:He has an unknown background.

Personality:He is nice, protective, flexible, fast, and strong

Traits:Nice, protective, flexible, fast, and strong






Power:Power of the Shout

Place in the Academy:Prince


When in Form:
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Name: Varius A. Baralin

Age: In mid 20 (+20)

Gender: Male

Race(elf,human,mage): Human, Mage

Background: Varius was the eldest son of Baralin House, a dynastic family of sorcerers who ruled a small kingdom called the Grand Principality of Starnhein. He once admitted into Prinica Academy when he was 12 years old and graduated there when he was 17. After his late father, Grand Prince Solmdelus A. Baralin died because of an incurable disease, Varius was made the heir and Crown Prince, but his kingdom was managed by the Regency Council. Varius was a lonely and unsocial person although he made few friends; but he was really kind when he's around with his subjects. He then desired to be a teacher because he wants to be independent and to serve the society. He finally accepted in Prinica Academy as a teacher and given the position of Boys Dorm Prefect.

Personality: Sometimes childish, emotional, arrogant, sarcastic and lonely.

Traits: Matured person but a bit unsocial, but friendly and helpful to others

Hair: Black

Eyes: Black eyes (wearing glasses)

Height: About 5' 10''

Weight: About 70kg

Weapon: i'll edit later

Power: i'll edit later

Place in the Academy(Butler,maid,waiter,cook,etc.): Prince, Dorm Prefect, Teacher

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Name: Lucas Silverstone
Race: Canine
Species: Wolf
Gender: Male
Age: 100
Orientation: straight
Eye Color: Ice blue
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Short
Frame Type: Lean yet strong
Height: 6’7â€
Weight: 195 lbs.
Fur Color: Midnight Blue with white chest, handpaws and footpaws
Clothing Styles: Usually t-shirt and jeans
Personality: Lucas is what you call a friendly wolf, always eager to meet people no matter where his life takes him. As far as his past goes, he either doesn’t want to talk about it publicly or he doesn’t want to know about it.
Loves:Anime and Manga, Comic, Cuddling, Kissing, Master/Pet, Master/Slave, Pain, Punishment, hug, laugh, snuggles
Hates:I usually don't hates anything
If he were to talk about his past, Lucas wouldn’t say much about it other than him being an only child. He has been through a lot since he was 10 only to improve a little when he moved out of his home at 20. A few years down his life he came across a book of spells from a thrift store. With the curiosity getting the best of him, he took it home with him and read over it. One of the spells caught his attention, knowing he wanted to live a different life. A couple chants later and his body began to change drastically, taking form of another species all together
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