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Posted 3/17/08 , edited 4/23/08

YahaDude wrote:

Zanku wrote:

keyblade wars IS FAKE. THE 3 NEW GAMES REALLY ARE: birth by sleep(the one from the secret movie in final mix +), coded, and 358/2 days. there is no kingdom hearts 3, and there never will be. the pics you've all seen are fanmade and FAKE!!! . if you want more info go to wikipedia

Thats not true at all, Kingdom Heart 3 - the Keyblade Wars, is real. Im not sure if thats the real name butwhatever. There are OFFICIAL KH3 trailers out, and the alternateending to KH2 is THE KEYBLADE WARS, I have seen it when my sister beat it!

Look it up on an official site before you spamthis stuff out.

Wikipedia can be updated by anyone with the amount of time you need.

im sorry dude, but the keyblade is fake, their making Birth by sleep (the one you call keyblade wars) for PSP and the coded and 358/2 days for mobile/NDS can't remember which is for which, the reason their not making a Kingdom hearts for PS3 yet is because that team is making Final Fantasy Versus XIII with the team that made the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, but of course we will see a Kingdom hearts 3 in the future. :-)
Posted 3/17/08 , edited 4/23/08

YahaDude wrote:

From what I've seen of this it looks F#@%in gorgeous, but is it worth me buying a PS3? I had a 360 that fried twice and the warranty only works twice so...
I have to chose, 360 again, or PS3. I have about 10-15 360 games I could sell to make the price the same.
This is the ONLY game that would make me get a PS3 too so any info would be great.

In my humble opinion, Final Fantasy 13 looks like a great game and S-E has done a decent job keeping the new FF releases strict to Sony. Personally I believe that it's worth the buy of a PS3 and I think it's release in general will shoot up PS3 buys (I'm buying one strictly for FF 13 myself). However, if FF 13 is going to be made for the 360 (Rumored) as well I will probably not buy the game because of S-E's mutual punishment to themselves and to me and I will probably never buy another FF game ever again. lol
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