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This is where Butlers Join.

Name(The one you prefer being called):


Gender(Must be a guy):

Where you serve(Kitchen,bedrooms, specific person,anywhere,etc):




Picture(In spoiler please):

P.S. Doesnt have to be bold.
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These are Butler Ideas.

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Name: Edmond

Age: Appears to be 28. Real Age Unknown

Gender: Male

Where you serve: Anywhere

Background: One of the first butlers to be hired at the Academy, Edmond serves the entire Academy as Head of staff, being under direct order of the Master and Mistress of the Academy. Not much is known about him except that he's been serving the Headmasters families for generations yet doesn't ever appear to grow older. He willingly serves any and all who request his service and never complains nor questions unless said request involves anything against Academy regulations. He uses no weapon but has earned respect amongst the staff and students by being able to effortlessly stop fights within the Academy. He claims his life is devoted to the Headmaster and the Academy and has proven time ad time again the truth of his words.

Personality: Calm and Collected when doing business, but with a Mischievous streak and a kind gentle personality. He loves to play with the younger ones of the Academy and help them along with their studies, though his kindness can disappear if the situation demands it or one of his pet peeves is pressed.

Traits: Loyal, Kind, Wise, Strong, Stubborn, Mischievous, Always wears a large hat for no obvious reason

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