Character And Story Development
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Hm. How to explain it?

Have you ever written a created a character or plot-point that wasn't going to have much develop and/or role in a story you've written and they've / it's ended up becoming a bigger part of the overall plot? Such as, say, going from a minor side character to a major secondary character or a small minuscule scene to a big climatic defining scene? Anyone ever have that happen to them? For an example of what I'm trying to say, I'll use one of my stories.

For months now, I've been writing this fan-fiction for the anime / manga series by Hajime Isayama called Shingeki no Kyojin... or better known as its English title Attack on Titan. Originally, I had just wanted to do a small story that paired the character Annie Leonhart with a romantic interest (who I created for the story) and to give my interpretation of what she was like as a character. It wasn't supposed to be anything more than that. Eventually, as I completed the first few chapters and came to other canonical characters such as Ymir, I felt compelled to explore them as well. Thus, I started to introduce more and more characters into the story — both canonical and non. For example (exampleception, get it?), I wanted Annie to have someone else in her backstory other than her father and so, I created one. Well, even though she was only meant to play a minor role, it expanded into her being a major impact on the plot and that of the other characters within the work. The story itself developed from a love story into, basically, my take of the events on Attack on Titan and beyond.

Did that... make any sense? Feel free to share your thoughts and whatnot.
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There was one character named Elissa I had created for a roleplay, but now as I'm writing a light novel I've included her.

Before, I've questioned doing so a few times, but I always turned the idea away. Now she's not only in the novel, but she could be considered a major player (possibly going from being an antagonist to protagonist at some point).

I've also had it where I wanted some characters to be main/important, but then I decided not to have them as such or not to even have them there at all (thus resulting in the loss of about five or six characters that I may or may not use for another story) and then there are the plot merges where I took two different stories and turned them into one (which was kind of why the characters I mentioned earlier were cut out). It's actually caused my book that I intended to have probably one or two sequels to possibly need more than that considering some of the subplots going on (and I still have to figure out what I'm going to do about a certain character-She went to another realm where the conspiracy was going on, too, but then what? Will I write chapters for her or will I have to make a whole other book or two for what's happening with her?). With the way things are going, part of me feels as if it should be a manga instead of a novel series (the only thing stopping me is that my drawings are horrible).

Got a bit off topic, but I can see this kind of thing happening often with other writers, a. Since the characters have minds of their own they may end up changing EVERYTHING we had already planned out for our/their stories and sometimes may not even fit the character sheet you created for them before writing the first draft.

I don't really consider it bad when this happens; It can really help the story out. Sure, sometimes it may end up being a bit more work, but it's worth it and I'm actually more interested in my writing, now. It can also be a bit more fun this way.
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Posted 3/1/14 , edited 3/1/14
Yes I know exactly what you mean! I have this one character who was supposed to show up in the sequel for a filler. But I ended up putting him early on in the first story and as the story progressed into the sequel and startled writing itself, he somehow became the main character secret guardian.
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