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What's your favorite soundtrack in any game?

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23 / M / Pennsylvania
Posted 6/1/14 , edited 6/2/14

afraidoftheoutside wrote:

Is everyone forgetting about Jet Set Radio?

Nope, not for me! Jet Set Radio's OST has put a special on my heart for rekindling my love for techno music! They are just plain fitting, pumping, and catchy at the same time! Should I mention that it's also goddamn nostalgic? Every song from that game will always remind me of the Dreamcast's peak moment in game library.

Special mention goes to the soundtrack of SFA3, Project Justice, KOF 2000, SA2, SFIII Second Impact, and the first 3 Crash games.
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29 / M / Phatuum Thani, Th...
Posted 6/1/14 , edited 6/2/14
Devil May Cry 3 might be my favorite OST that I can think of so far
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26 / M / Hell
Posted 6/7/14 , edited 6/8/14
I've got at least three faves:
and TLoZ:TP
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25 / Iwatodai
Posted 6/8/14 , edited 6/9/14
Wild ARMs 3 - It has such a pretty wild west flair to it that I could listen to the whole soundtrack and never be bored
Etrian Odyssey III - An all around good soundtrack with amazing battle themes (my personal favorite being the final boss theme)
Final Fantasy VI - Terra's Theme, Battle Theme, The Decisive Battle, Edgar/Sabin's theme, Devil's Lab, Searching for Friends, Dancing Mad....the list of great tracks in this game could go on and on and on and on
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29 / M / Near a peach tree.
Posted 6/25/14 , edited 6/26/14
Pokemon Stadium had such an awesome set of BGM, they were quite classic
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34 / M
Posted 6/26/14 , edited 6/26/14
Hmmm, in an effort to not go crazy with a long list, some of my favorite picks:

Terranigma - Soul Blazer comes in a close second with ActRaiser in third here in terms of good Quintet music but, really, any Quintet game will fit the bill here. But favorite is definitely Terranigma, a perfect game in every sense, including music.

Any Gust game - ANY! I love the soundtrack to each and every one that I've played. You couldn't possibly ask em to chose between Mana Khemia or Atelier Iris or Ar Tonelico. They're all friggin amazing.

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs - Amazing beat 'em up for the arcades with an even more amazing soundtrack. A real shame it never received any ports because hot damn is it good.

I'm at work so hard to say when I don't have the gigabytes of soundtracks in front of me to go through one by one... what an excuse!
Posted 6/28/14 , edited 6/28/14
Chrono Trigger ( )
Golden Sun: The Lost Age ( )
Skies of Arcadia ( )
Seiken Densetsu 3 ( )
Dragon Quest VIII ( )
Dragon Warrior Monsters ( )
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time ( )
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past ( )
Arcana ( )
Final Fantasy VI ( )
Final Fantasy VII ( )
Final Fantasy VIII ( )
Final Fantasy IX ( )
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles ( )
The Last Blade ( )
The Last Blade 2 ( )
Melty Blood: Actress Again ( )
Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike ( )
Super Street Fighter II Turbo ( )
Darkstalkers 3 ( )
Persona 2: Eternal Punishment ( )
Shin Megami Tensei ( )
Shin Megami Tensei II (, )

And that's it.
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23 / M / The Heroes Associ...
Posted 6/28/14 , edited 6/28/14

You my friend have good taste.

I must agree, My favorite soundtracks are Persona 4, due to its upbeat soundtrack

and Shin megami Tensei Strange journey/ SMT 4, because of their epic orchestral performances
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34 / M
Posted 6/28/14 , edited 7/11/14
Hands down Payday 2.

Don't believe me?

Put on some headphones, crank up the bass, and imagine robbing a bank with any of these gems playing against all the gunfire.
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Posted 7/1/14 , edited 7/2/14
Pokemon Silver, Pokemon Stadium, Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha and Suikoden 4 have the best music imo
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34 / M / United Kingdom
Posted 7/2/14 , edited 7/2/14
Hard to pick just one, so here are three of my favourite video game soundtracks of all time.

Final Fantasy 7:
Okay I'll admit, a bit of nostalgia on this one. Beautiful composed music tracks that encompass a wide spectrum of emotions, which range from loneliness, angst, hate, pride, love, joy, regret and restlessness.

Silent Hill 2:
This whole soundtrack makes you feel trapped... yet, strangely isolated at the same time. Like being in a prison with no guards each track
seems to hammer home that you are free and alone, yet at the same time, vulnerable.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution:
Right from track one this soundtrack hits you with wave after wave of messages that neither mesh nor clash. Just like the game itself, it
walks a fine line between the familiar and the unknown. Meditative (almost religious) tracks are mixed in with techno as ideologies
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35 / F / Houston
Posted 7/2/14 , edited 7/2/14
Looking through this thread, I am kind of sad. The one and only true answer to this question should be Chrono Cross and I've only seen in mentioned once, in passing. Yasunori Mitsuda's work is just too good to deserve only one brief mention.

Seriously, listen to this stuff. It is sooooo good.

Dream of the Shore Near Another World -

Time's Grasslands -

Life - Faraway Promise -

Radical Dreamers - Without Taking the Jewel -

Time's Scar -

Speaking of Yasunori Mitsuda's work, Xenogears also has an absolutely fantastic soundtrack. I will link one track from that game, because I feel it's so powerful despite being so simple. It also shares a name with a track I already linked.

Faraway Promise -
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41 / M / Kansas
Posted 7/2/14 , edited 7/2/14
Persona 3. The music is great on it's own. But more importantly, it perfectly complements the game's stylish and intense imagery. But more important still is how it makes you feel immersed in the MC. With his iconic headphones, I always assumed the game's soundtrack was supposed to represent the music he was listening to. This lends the soundtrack a far greater significance than it has in most games, where it is normally for the player, not the character. It therefore functions as a mechanism to make you feel like you are in the MC's shoes.
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30 / M
Posted 7/2/14 , edited 7/3/14
Gotta be the Nier soundtrack.
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20 / F / Sweden, Kalmar
Posted 7/3/14 , edited 7/3/14
All Legend of Zelda ones.
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