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Friendship or Love

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Posted 6/25/07 , edited 6/25/07

edsamac wrote:

I skimmed the thread, and can I just say...

How do expect people to understand you if 1) you don't make it clear what "love" you're talking about; and 2) you flame almost everyone who gives you a response contrary to what you think, or better yet, you flame anyone who tries to clear up something for you.

You're right... this thread should be locked.

And to answer you question, love. If you don't agree with me, you can screw yourself.

Wonderful post.

i don;t degrade people so that;s why I am more educated than you...
You are probably expert in these areas because you are not educated and grown up in those bad neighbours..

Nothing amuses me more than a person contradicting himself.

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