RATIONING- How to perhaps Understand
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Considering the Ukraine, i was thinking about when was the last war that basically was so intensive that an entire population had to throw their hat in the ring as it were. While such speculation my make me seem like a member of the tinfoil hat brigade. I would like to bring up or remind folks about the concept of rationing. This may feel like history class but if even taken seriously slightly, and conceptualized as what there modern equivalent, i.e coffee, or tea: for red bull and monster energy drinks. Also the thought may occur that society is to selfish or would never function like basically any country in WW 2, the shear fact is that you wouldn't know until a nation tried. Just look at the British they had there ration system within days of Germany declaring war, But that was do to most of the folks running the show had also WW 1 under there belts and say the mistakes of not declaring it until 1917, the point meaning given that the average range of most modern weapons reach most anywhere on the planet, one has to consider that nation state most place every resource on the table or risk capitulation. Point is that the idea of rationing is conservation of resources, but what it mean to the average person is having the best possible variety of food



Please post what you might think you'd have to ration or how you might hoard certain materials if such a necessity were to arise. Like purchasing additional copies of cds to insure that you can listen to its music to your hearts content even when the wear out. and yes cds and dvds, maybe Blu-rays can wear out as well.
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Anything high in fat, protein and a lot of starchy foods is what I'll hoard. I'd pack on some pounds before the rationing if I'm aware of it before it happens. I'd store up on jugs and cases of water since who's to say the water won't become contaminated. Mmm, maybe some Gummy Vitamins annd of course a couple of junk food to help put on weigh; Chocolates, chips, caramel, cookies, brownies, doughnuts, cake.

Entertainment would not be important to me since food is more important.

Now if they started rationing right away before I can make it to the store to purchase food, I'd ration the beans, the meat, the bread and peanut butter. Veggies aren't that sustaining in my opinion. Oh and eggs, the bit of junk in my home and some soup with meat.
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OP nuked.

Feel free to recreate.

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