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Posted 3/3/14 , edited 3/3/14
A pretty self-explanatory topic, so I'll start things off:

Yo! I'm Xenorith, but Xen is fine since it makes it simpler. I'll be getting ESO on the PS4 and I look forward to playing with anyone who wants to group up. As for the game, I am planning on being in the Ebonheart Pact on my main character, so if you haven't decided on an alliance to join...maybe keep the EP in mind.
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Posted 3/6/14 , edited 3/7/14
Hey, I'm DANTESPK, and just call me Dantes. I'll also get Elder Scrolls Online but for Xbox One. I created this group so anyone who wanted to join a guild or play with people from Crunchyroll could meet up here. Around the release of ESO, I'll try to contact everyone who plays on the Xbox One. Xen will probably do the same for PS4 players. Finally I'll most likely be apart of the Aldmeri Dominion (a fraction). I'll make a topic later explaining what fractions are because it might make a difference if we all chose different ones.

P.S. Anyone who would like to group PC players, let me know and I might make you a moderator. I'm getting Xbox players together and Xen is getting PS4 players together. Lastly my name is in all caps because I thought names could only be that way, it makes me feel arrogant......
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Posted 3/6/14 , edited 3/7/14
Hey everyone, my name's..well, MissKryptik (I guess?), haha. I'm gonna be getting ESO for Xbox One. My gamertag is: Kaida Yuuki.

Pretty new to all of this to be honest (ESO, I mean). So I'm not too sure about everything, I'm definitely going to avoid going in blind and research everything I can before I go in. I've decided to get the Imperial edition (go big or go home, right?).

Anyway, thanks. Hope to see you all in the virtual world!
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