My top ten Winter 2014 Anime/Drama list
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Posted 3/3/14 , edited 3/4/14
Hello everyone!

I recently read the article on Crunchyroll about Japanese viewers voting for their top ten anime of the winter season they're enjoying, so I figured I'd do my own! If you want to check it out, click the link: .

While writing this though, I was wondering if anyone else had their own sorta "top ten list." If you do, I'd like to see it! Leave a comment on my top ten list or a reply here. I'm interested to seeing which animes/dramas fellow Crunchyrollers are keeping up with.
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Posted 3/3/14 , edited 3/4/14
10. Hamatora - Not really a top show, but not much going on this winter and I needed a number 10.

9. Magical Warfare - This really isn't my type of show, but I do watch it and enjoy it.

8. Kill la Kill - Kind of hard to get into for me. I'm not a huge action fan but sometimes this show just goes over the top. Which I enjoy.

7. Nobunaga the Fool - I really like this one. The action is minimal and the story is different.

6. Recently, My Sister is Unusual - Oh how I like to enjoy controversial things. This is actually a good show. After 1-2 episodes the ecchi stuff faded for me.

5. Soni-Ani: Super Sonico the Animation - Many say the writing is bad. Well, yes it is not the best. But it is Super Sonico. So damn cute and has a bodacious figure.

4. Nisekoi - I like this show for the animation and the character designs. The love triangle (or more?) is always fun show type for me to enjoy.

3. D-Fragments - Oh man this just cracks me up. It would be the best in my list if it wasn't for the next two.

2. Nagi no Asukara - So beautiful. Such a unique story. Music and animation is top notch. This is why I like anime. They can produce excellent shows without relying on an already published manga/game/novel. Will be a classic years to come.

1. Seitokai Yakuindomo - What can I say? S1 & the OVAs were gold and S2 follows exactly the same run. I bust a gut every week.

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Posted 3/3/14 , edited 3/4/14
First off this list was hard to make and even now I'm having second thoughts. After the first 2, they all kinda fall in a line of equally good. Noragami would be number 3 more than likely if I saw more of it.

1. Kill la Kill - I love the craziness of the entire series. When you think it can't go past the previous episode, it shatters it and ALWAYS leaves you wanting to watch more of it. Every aspect of the show down to the story keeps me on edge. Definitely in my Top 5 of all times.

2. Hamatora - The idea of a few people with special abilities who are just normal everyday people has always appealed to me, especially when the characters are college age and below. The story, particularly this Moral character -the current main villain- is enticing to watch to say the least. Also the art style is fantastic! The acid like colors whenever the characters powers are being used gets me hyped. Not to mention the great OP.

3. Nobunagun - Takes this spot for me. It's an alien invasion taken to a different level since the aliens are evolving at an extremely quick rate to overtake the planet. And who's fighting them? Reincarnations of famous legends like Oda Nobunaga and Jack the Ripper and with the screen inverting different colors at the sign of an attack, how can you not like the intense actiony feel to it?

4. Nagi no Asukara - This comes very close to the third spot. The animation is absolutely gorgeous and the music in it takes me to another place. As a male writing this I can't help but be adored by the entire series as it plays out.

5. Magical Warfare - Magicians? YES! High School? YES! I've always dreamed of having powers or being a magician while attending high school. And it's very modern, no wands and monsters like Harry Potter, but swords, guns and just other magicians fighting a war.

6. Recently My Sister is Unusual - It. Is. Funny.

Currently Watching as well:
Noragami - I want to watch this badly, but don't have time to watch it from other sites. However I've seen the first few episodes and love it! It'd probably be in the top 3 if I had more time to watch it.

Witch Craft Works - It looks great as well, but I haven't had time to watch it either. I'll probably watch the last few episodes soon when I get a break from midterms.

Buddy Complex - Another good looking anime, but I'm stuck with only the first episode. I have the rest ready to watch but also gotta find them time as well.

Hunter x Hunter - It's not on the list because it's been out for awhile now, but this is definitely one of my Top 5 of all time.

Tonari no Seki Kun - It's a short so I don't want to put it on the list, but I can't skip a day of not watching it!

Pupa - Nice and creepy, but like above it's a short.
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Posted 3/4/14 , edited 3/4/14
Me and a bunch of other people on the forum have been doing week-by-week ranking of the shows we're following.

Here's a direct link to my ranking from week 8:

And if you're interested to see what I was thinking halfway through the season:
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Posted 3/4/14 , edited 3/4/14
My top ten isn't really in much of an order as my interest moves around: there isn't much that I am interested in watching this season and I have dropped in and out of most shows:

Hunter x Hunt
er: Super violent ...but riveting.

Inari Kon Ko
n: Show's got heart; I like the girl becomes a god motiff (Kamisama Kiss, Kamichu).

un: Episode one is one of the most fun animes I have EVER seen, who can forget the Nobunagun laugh? Keeps me coming back for more.

Saki: the Nationa
ls: I'm constantly on edge waiting for Saki; I think the gods will leave the shrine priestess and grant Saki's wish instead.

mi: I like it, makes my Wednesday.

Kuriko's Basketba
ll: Been skipping since Kagami's victory, hope to catch up later.

Kill La Ki
ll: a bit raunchy, skipped most of the middle episodes but the ending arc is really interesting.

Golden Ti
me: still nervous as to whether Ghost Banri will ruin the show for me ...GO KOKO!!

ia: Can't stop watching the racing ...kind of boring in other places, plan on marathoning later.

Ace of Diamo
nd: intermittently interesting, marathon later.
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