Sherlock (Discussion for any and all tv and movie adaptations)
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Posted 3/4/14 , edited 3/4/14
Why do we not have a Sherlock thread!!

I took advantage of the PBS channel on my new AppleTV to watch Season 3 of Sherlock over the last few days. I loved the first episode (The Empty Hearse), but not so much the other two. On the one hand I appreciate they are getting a bit artsy with it. On the other hand, I think they went too far with it, and it felt too chopped up and confusing, even though I was fully engaged with specific pieces of the puzzle. And that wedding speech. Too awkward. And too long. I swear that 1 1/2 hours felt like 4.

Did you watch Sherlock (any Season) What did you think?

What other Sherlock Holmes movies or tv adaptations do you particularly like or abhor? Talk about them here.

(Please use spoilers where appropriate since not everyone reading will have seen every adaptation of Sherlock Holmes there ever was.)
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Posted 3/5/14 , edited 3/6/14
One adaptation of a Sherlock Holmes story I like is the made for tv film, Hound of the Baskervilles that came out of the Soviet Union in 1981. It is perhaps the most faithful of the Sherlock Holmes films that I have seen.
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Posted 3/8/14 , edited 3/8/14
So me and my bf binged all 3 seasons of Sherlock in 3/4 days and finished just a few days ago. Now I am totally obsessed and so much in love my heart is aching for season 4. Never I have I loved a show so much as Sherlock. Just the best thing my eyes have ever seen. Masterfully scripted perfectly acted and definately worth every second of my time :3
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