Deconstruction of Shonen tropes
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Okay, I'm pretty sure tv tropes and idioms is pretty popular so I think you should all know hat I'm talking about. I'm asking you all this because I need advice from several other writers.

So how do I deconstruct the Shonen genre in a cynical way? Also some advice on how to deconstruct the Ideal Hero archetype would also be appreciated. Please and thank you.
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Posted 3/15/14 , edited 3/16/14
1) Plot: Well, I guess to kick things off, you start with the plot. In many typical shounen manga there is a hero who has to fight a greater evil. Usually, the hero has a convoluted past or a very unique back story of which leads him into fighting said greater evil. The hero always comes out on top.

2) The Hero: It is a must that the hero should look unique, whether it be his/her hair style, sense of fashion, or personality. The hero also needs to be young (ages 10 - 20s) as shounen is targeted to a demographic of typically young boys and adults. He/she must also have a unique skill of some sort (fighting, etc.) and a hidden ability/power locked within the hero of which he/she discovers later on that helps him/her defeat that evil. The hero must be stoic, brave, strong, maybe chivalrous and be willing to jump to the rescue, and have a tragic flaw of which the hero has to overcome (i.e. fear, insecurity, etc.). The hero doesn't exactly have to start out strong, but in the end, the hero will be.

3) Characters: Excluding the protagonist, There is an antagonist, a rival, a side kick, and a love interest. The antagonist has to be and look evil, of course, and be one-sided on his agenda. The rival has to be a boon to the protagonist (everything that the hero is not). The rival is often cool, collected, intelligent, maybe experienced, arrogant, and rivals/surpasses the protagonist in strength or ability. The side kick is the hero's best friend and usually is the voice of reason who motivates the hero when he/she is down. The side kick can be the comic relief or rarely the love interest. Finally, there is a love interest who is often close to the hero in terms of familiarity (childhood friend, girl-next-door, the new student, etc.) whom is indeed interested in the protagonist but often hides his/her feelings for the hero. Though the love interest can be advancive, the protagonist would be oblivious or too inexperienced to notice the love interest's advancements.

That's all I have to contribute to as typical things one would find in shounen manga for now
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