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Posted 3/5/14 , edited 2/2/15

This is a problem, that has been going on for a few weeks now, so I thought I'd report it:

I am always reading manga via the CR Web Manga Viewer (mostly "Fairy Tail", "Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches", "UQ HOLDER!" and "Coppelion"), but since a few weeks the pages are displayed on the wrong side (with the first page starting on the right-hand side instead of the left-hand side).

The worst thing about that is, that it totally ruins double page spreads.

Here's an example from the latest "UQ HOLDER!" chapter (#25):
This is how it is shown currently:

And this is how it is supposed to look:

Can you please fix this?

Also, I noticed today that the buttons (fullscreeen, zoom etc.) are missing.
Would be great to have them back.

Thanks in advance!
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Posted 3/5/14 , edited 3/6/14
I usually read in single page mode, but this always annoys me whenever I open up the chapter.

Also why are the double pages for some series split up in the first people? People who read in single page mode want to see proper double pages too...
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Posted 3/6/14 , edited 3/6/14
The buttons are back for me, but the pages are still on the wrong sides. Hopefully they fix this soon.
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Posted 1/15/15 , edited 1/16/15
Sorry to bring up an old topic, but almost a year later, this still hasn't been fixed, and it's REALLY noticeable in the latest archive postings of Attack on Titan and Fairy Tail.
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Posted 2/2/15 , edited 2/2/15
This is especially annoying on Arpeggio of Blue Steel in which I'm on chapter 6 and I've seen this issue on almost every chapter since I've began. There really should be some quality checker or something to make sure these things are fixed before they're uploaded.
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Posted 2/3/15 , edited 2/4/15
Latest chapter of Fairy Tail has this issue, along with a bunch of the ones in the catalog. I wish I wrote the chapter numbers down, but basically it happens whenever there are color pages, or if there were color pages when it was in magazine format.

From reading Shonen Jump manga in both magazine and volume format, when they do color pages there are ads on the 3rd or so page of the magazine format and a blank page in the volume format. I'm guessing Weekly Shonen Magazine (Fairy Tail and UQ Holder) does something similar and the CR reader is skipping the blank pages.
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