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Posted 3/6/14 , edited 3/7/14
Phone Model: Samsung Galaxy S 3 (sph-L710)
Streaming Via: Wi Fi
Service Provider: Sprint
Android OS: 4.2.2
App Version: Crunchyroll 0.9.3

Seeing artifacts on playback for only some videos.
Seeing this for all videos on some older titles like "Girl's High", but now seeing on some newest videos of simulcast titles too such as the current episode 8 of "Silver Spoon". Happens throughout episode, parts of the image not updating for a number of frames. The most upsetting part is it can cause the subtitles to be blotted out partially or at rare times completely.

Interestingly, I can view and use the desktop version of the website from Browser and watch videos without issue such as the current episode 8 of " Engaged to the Unidentified", but episode 8 of "Silver Spoon" gives only the single frame I came in on(such as mid episode) which does not change but the audio and subtitle layers work fine.

Any ideas?
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Posted 3/11/14 , edited 3/11/14

I have been seeing the same thing on most new videos on my TF300 tablet as well. As well I have found there seems to be issues with some of the older content as well. I am running the same version of the CR app
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Posted 3/11/14 , edited 3/11/14
I'm seeing constant artifacts and the video stretches as soon as the seek bar hides itself. I'm on the same version, Has there been an update recently? I was fine earlier today for me.

Nexus 7 on CM10.2(4.2.2)
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