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Say something bad about your #1 anime

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26 / M / Las Vegas
Posted 3/8/14 , edited 3/9/14
Mirai Nikki/Future Diary: That it's not in Blu ray only in DVD.

Garden Of Words: It's way to short.

Angel Beats: They should have explained some things, better.
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25 / M / With Lucina
Posted 3/8/14 , edited 3/9/14
Second season of Seitokai no Ichizon did not live up to the first season.
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32 / M / Duckburg
Posted 3/8/14 , edited 3/9/14
Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood: Ummm... It wasted 3 days of my life?
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30 / M / Canada
Posted 3/8/14 , edited 3/9/14
Monogatari: Although it takes care to develop all the girls, and even the supporting male cast to some extent, Araragi himself is quite static. Not flat, mind you, but static. I'd like for his turn to come up in the psyche-exploring merry-go-round.
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28 / M
Posted 3/8/14 , edited 3/9/14
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood:

Around the time they went to Briggs and a little after, it seemed like some episodes didn't have much. There seemed to be a lot of convenient coincidences at times. Many of the good battles were too short.

Code Geass:

Some of the battles seemed boring.

It's hard to criticize these two...though I guess that's why I consider them my two favorite.
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26 / M
Posted 3/8/14 , edited 3/9/14
Fist of the North Star- Too much "kenshiro killing insignificant goons" filler
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28 / F / New Jersey, USA
Posted 3/8/14 , edited 3/9/14
Shingeki no Kyojin:


Every character needs to be and feel human.

It should be good senien instead of a typical shounen.

Code Geass Gaiden: Boukoku no Akito:


It's a four episode OVA. I want twenty-five.

The timeline is during R2. It would be better if it had its own plot away from R2.

No philosophy and psychological moments.

Hardly any character development.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion:


Nina isn't dead.

Euphemia died when there could have been some use to her. I wanted her character to grown and mature along with some more romantic moments with Suzaku.

The fanservice.

Too much?
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Posted 3/8/14 , edited 3/9/14
Hmm say something "bad" huh?


It's not Zura,but Katsura

One Piece:
The art in some episodes are bad like really bad.


Monet is Dead.

Kuroko's Basketball:

There English is funny
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29 / M / CA
Posted 3/8/14 , edited 3/9/14
Shugo Chara: Lulu's arc was too long, and could've been resolved better.

Kurokami: The Doppeliners became pretty much insignificant after the first six or seven episodes.

Elfen Lied: The nudity was annoying, especially in earlier episodes; the first half was a little slow; the nature of Kouta's and Yuka's relationship was unclear by the end.

Kanon 2006: A few parts felt kind of melodramatic and borderline cliché; the lengths of the arcs varied a bit too much.

Eureka Seven: It takes a while for the real story to get started.
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from the South Bay
Posted 3/8/14 , edited 3/9/14
if i can figure out what my number anime is
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23 / F / US of A
Posted 3/8/14 , edited 3/9/14
Can't choose a single anime as my #1

FMA Brotherhood...this one is a hard one but I guess I wished it felt like it lasted longer

Code Geass: I personally didn't care for the episodes that centered on the school life like the giant pizza incident

Fate/Zero: Loads of information you need to swallow down in the first episode.

Kara no Kyoukai: Even more information than the Fate series plus mind screw, some slow moments, very dialogue heavy, and very philosphical

Gurren Lagann: Don't expect any logic in this one
Posted 3/9/14 , edited 3/9/14

chaoseye wrote:

sevenhells wrote:

It had Shinji Ikari in it.

but that was the point of the show!

If it had a confident guy the show would not have worked so well, as a deconstruction of mecha and harems.
My point is proven by the rebuilds. Shinji goes gung-ho and brings about instrumentality.
In the show he just gets swallowed up by despair and introspection.(LITERALLY)

Bad thing about Evangelion...
I want to say the christian imagery/phrases being meaningless.
But really what got me was the ending. It's not a 'omg wtf can't understand'. It's just how out of place they(last 2 eps) felt. It's like you're going along in a car, episode to episode then suddenly you crash.
You're still moving, just not in the car anymore....

Shinji is like a gay Shia LaBeouf, scared of women so he runs to his big, masculine robot.
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25 / M / Finland
Posted 3/9/14 , edited 3/9/14

CheeseKaiser wrote:
Good thread, a lot of people have trouble finding faults in their favorites even though there is no perfect show. Interested to see how many reply.

Let's see, every anime I've ever given a 10 to:

Cowboy Bebop - the episodic nature can be a turn-off for some. The big storyline of Spike could've been presented better.

Clannad After Story - The arc at the start of the season (I'm looking at you, dorm lady and cat) was actually pretty weak.

Jungle wa Itsumo Hale nochi Guu - never became popular. Kyoani could've animated all the other seasons too.

Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu! - fanservice, though the censoring in the onsen episode was legendary.

Bakemonogatari - Hanekawa arc generally sucked balls. Maybe a tad too shafty, if that's even possible.

FLCL - coming of age stories generally suck too. Random.

Angel Beats! - they should've given us all the back stories. 13 episodes wasn't enough. Otonashi chose the wrong girl.

Fate/Zero second season - Ummm.... umm... It could've... ... I don't know.

Great Teacher Onizuka - the animation looks sooooo old now.

Planetes - another one no one knows. Character designs were kinda too... not-animeish?

Welcome to the NHK! - the shame at times. I didn't like the pyramid scheme arc...
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34 / M
Posted 3/9/14 , edited 3/9/14

Serial Experiments Lain: Has a habit of avoiding plot for a bunch of deep conversations about things not to do with the plot. That talk on philosophy and religion was cool and all but i'd like to know what's going on with those men in black stalking Lain too sometime in the next 5 episodes.

Ergo Proxy: People sitting around doing boring things. A great deal of animation was wasted on people sitting or laying down thinking yes this is an anime of deep thinkers folks. Behold as we get another 10 minutes of Raul sitting in his office shuffling papers and talking about random nonsense. Also gets borderline pretentious at times and the recap episode made into a game show is kind of confusing.

Eureka Seven: The plot takes a while to get going it starts off well but most of the first 10 episodes feels like filler before they get into the meat and bones of a very good storyline. The early episodes could turn some people off from it. Also Renton gets quite annoying as a character. Spends most of the series pining for Eureka who spends the series throwing herself at him like "please sleep with me Renton my loins ache for you" and Renton is by that point too busy crying because Holland doesn't like him. I found myself on more than one occasion screaming "FOR GODS SAKE RENTON GROW SOME TESTICLES AND KISS HER"

FLCL: Suffers from the same thing all Gainax and Gainax spin off studios suffer from. It's not accessible to people who are new to anime. I guess you could say part of the charm of Gainax is that they are composed of Otaku who grew up on anime so their shows are laced with anime inside jokes and pop culture references but at the same time it makes the shows very hard to understand for new viewers. I remember this show coming out around the post Pokemon anime boom and a ton of people were turned off by how weird and out there it was and how they couldn't get the jokes. Gainax is like an exclusive club for otaku where you need a secret decoder ring of having seen a crapload of anime to understand anything that is happening.

Ghost In The Shell:SAC: This was kind of hard because it's such a fantastic show but the one thing i can say is i wasn't much of a fan of the Tachikoma's. I'm never huge on random comic relief characters and they spent an awful lot of time on them i guess they really were kind of proud of their A.I mini tanks. They even got their own post show segments and their own episodes. I think i would have liked them more if they didn't get pushed so much.
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23 / M
Posted 3/9/14 , edited 3/9/14
Something bad about my #1 anime. I gotta find one first but I'd say Allisonxlillia.

Bad things, well.
1. Two children ended a war, come on.
2. should've had more adventure for lillia.

Or Umineko no naku koro ni

1. Cliff hanger ending.
2. It ended.
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