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Golden Time light novel Discussion
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Posted 5/5/15 , edited 5/6/15

hpulley wrote:

BlazeRavenKazukiyo wrote:

hpulley wrote:

Anairellan wrote:

Granted, I have only read the translations on this thread, but I still don't necessarily read that last part as tragic. More as philosophic. It is weird that it doesn't specifically mention Koko, but I'm not quite sure where every one is getting the idea that he doesn't end up with her, or anybody.
I wish she'd been mentioned or there. It seems like Linda is still watching over him in the end which is nice but it seems like a regression at the end. Philosophical and not following on the previous page. The last two pages coloured my impression of the previous chapter. I wish the last line had been "Koko!"

He is back at university with Linda. I'm just not sure Koko really wanted to go back to university. Law doesn't seem like her thing. How Banri will finish university is beyond me. But perhaps that is part of what makes it hopeful. He is going to try it.

I think the ending still very vaguely implies it was Koko's hand he reached for. I remember Banri saying that even if he forgets, he'll ultimately default back to Koko one way or another. That and she would just as well come running back. That's at least what I expect if everything panned out identical to the anime. Admittedly, I've only read the last part of the LN trough this forum and a possibly incorrectly translated scan. That also begs the question whether the anime's ending is completely alternate and all loose ends are tied, or if it's just a setup for the LN's last page. I believe it's the former, considering he returns to Tokyo with his memories as opposed to without. It's also mentioned that the ending starting at the credits is completely anime original. It implies that the anime's ending is a replacement to the LN ending, but I just wish this was completely verified. Ugh, I just want them to make an OVA episode where Banri and Koko are married, so we can validate that the anime actually ends with him conquering his memory crisis.

If he had said "Koko?" or if she had said, "It's Koko, don't you remember me?" then it would have helped. As it was, the open ending kind of ruined it for me which is too bad.

I have a feeling that the anime ending was written before the book as they came out at the same time but anime pre-production schedules mean they were probably working from an outline from the author rather than the final work. Did they consult the author about the ending that was different? Did they approve? Who knows, I assume so. Alternate ending? Changed her mind? Just wanted them to be a bit different? Unfortunately she never said as far as I know.

The afterward in the final novel volume 8 is short, just 2 pages and the first two thirds is spent talking about a rare big snowstorm they had in Tokyo that day! Not very helpful. Then Yuyuko is thanking those who made the manga, the anime and the game, and the illustrator for all the wonderful pictures, thanking me for buying the books, hoping I will buy their next product, saying they have to have a long talk with fellow ASCII Media works author Yuasa sensei... nothing about the endings of the book and the anime being different. The afterward isn't dated which is too bad as some authors do date them. However, that silly mention of the snowstorm taking up 2/3 of the afterward means that it must have been written on or around February 15th, 2014, while the novel came out March 8th... phew, cutting it close! The anime ended that March. Doesn't seem like she has a twitter account or anything or else I'd ask her.

Yeah, I suppose being more specific would have been nice, but the open ending using implication rather than clarification can appear more profound. I do agree though, that they should have just had him say "Koko." Still, he told her before that his heart will always default towards her, and she mentioned that she would never leave him.

Anyway, the anime was finished AFTER the LN, so it's just a straight up alternate ending. LN dictates that he goes back to Tokyo with no memories, and anime dictates that he goes back to Tokyo with his memories and mind in tact. In fact, it implies that he and Koko are engaged.
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Posted 5/11/15 , edited 5/12/15

BlazeRavenKazukiyo wrote:

Furthermore, I wouldn't count on that LN translation unless it's official. There have been several different interpretations left out there. Some of which directly favor hope for Koko x Banri, whereas others are bittersweet. If anything, just treat the light novel ending like the ending to Angel Beats.

Well, the LN translation I am using is my own! I read the books in Japanese! I'm not relying on anyone else's translations, haven't for years. I make mistakes, but the mistakes are all mine, Mine, MINE! LOL

The anime's final episode was out after the final novel but only by a few weeks. With pre-production schedules, the anime scripts must have been finalized well before February 15th when she wrote the afterward. So I really think the anime ending was probably written before the book was finished, though that is just a guess on my part. It is possible though highly unlikely that they tweaked the script in time for a last minute recording by Horie Yui... seems unlikely to me given scheduling but... no one has said and I didn't buy the Blurays so I can't even check if there was a cast/staff commentary which might have explained something about it.

To me the novel is bittersweet but... it is also philosophical. If you read some more of my translations in the beginning of the thread you'll see there are many parts not included in the anime though again, in the final novel it may be due to the lateness of the production, the kind of things that were left out are probably not what she would have included in an early plot outline for the anime script writer. But that section uses imagery to imply something about memories. From the first page of this thread which comes from the beginning of the final novel...

Here I am again!

I thought it seemed like it was someone else's problem.

Yes. Here I am again.

I came here for no reason again today -- there's a spot here the city folk brag about as a great sightseeing spot, though for me it's the scene of the accident but this bridge is here, and again, I'm walking here from my house. At a leisurely speed, I begin to cross.

Looking down, a wintry background.

The main river is rather far away. White tinged rocks, seemed to be millions of them in a mat in the vast riverbed, seeming to flow and gather in a shallow net. The flow was dammed up into how many unseen pools here and there, it was almost on reflex (oh, that's not good) to think that way.

In that place, snoozing under the rocks a small muddler lay entranced, in reality, up to at most the age of primary school. If caught it would be praised by no one, if kept it would not be long lived, if boiled in soy sauce it was not the sort of food you would use to stuff your face. If you notice you are counted among your playmates in this sort of somber reality, from that like a disease, in the next generation they will foster the mood of saying "entering the river would be groovy".

But in this sort of reason is a different horizon, for now I charged myself up with "looks like a good catch". Looks like the usual. While doing running club activities, when discovering a good spot like this dry riverbed, stopping in your tracks staring at the underside of the bridge, "oh, how thrilling!" Linda said once or twice, making fun of him. That bridge was just one part of the cross country running route. "The soy sauce maker's mornings are early," from behind him the good voice narrated whatever they chose.


Linda never slowed down, her smiling face over her shoulder, a stinging comeback always there, but this was a long established fact.

From those days on they'd already spent too much time together. Therefore it was old stories. Memories. the extent that I was calling to my current self and there was a distant feeling, but that's all there was.

"Geho, goho, goho..."

The contrast between burnt grass and blue sky was dazzling if you stared at them, he gave out a dry cough. Feet stopped, hands on knees, back rounded out. He choked and coughed and caught his breath.

"Ha, aahh, cold...."

Only single, solitary words came out, in the middle of the bridge.

To the day, as usual pulled back to this place.

In fact, stuck right onto the place of the accident experience.

He could go no further than this spot. There is no now.

A large quantity of water was flowing beneath his feet. This heavy sound was heard in his ears, he felt the fear of an ominous presence of immense energy, breathing. Heels up, with all his might, clasping both hands into a big left-right shaking to the sky. While opening his chest, upper body leaned back. Eyes closed but filtered sunlight came through his eyelids, blinding him so he could not get away. Invincible starlight's power burned, only his eyes in only his face in only his body, remembering as much as he likes, washed away completely.

The anime completely skipped this, or as I said it was not available, but it never gave me any sort of feeling of anything like this and there was much more of it. To me the anime is something separate and as such, the ending and feeling and even the purpose of the anime can be seen as having been something completely different. The anime has a happy ending with Banri and Kouko while the novel is about what it means to exist, to be alive, to be defined by one's memories, to be led by fate. The open ending is perfectly suited to the books when seen as they are but it wouldn't have suited the anime adaptation.
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Posted 5/12/15 , edited 5/12/15
Shirobako did a great job in explaining anime to script inconsistencies. Considering that the LN's ending takes place in the beginning of April, and the anime's time setting is identical, [mid-April] that could only mean that the anime is intended as an entirely separate ending, not just one that skips or fails to reach the LN ending. Considering that there was also NO dialogue in the anime's alternate ending, nothing more than short animation was necessary, so I'd wager that the director of the anime simply did not like the LN ending, so they scrapped it last second. Hence why many people felt it to be rushed. [But hey, I still loved it. I'm glad he ends up engaged to Koko.]
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Posted 8/6/16 , edited 8/6/16

hpulley wrote:

MacMeaties wrote:

I want to do a better, expanded write up of all that... but it's a lot of pages, 33 or so...

I wonder how and where did linda told banri her answer, also what was banris reaction to linda, I will be grateful if you told me
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Posted 4/27/17 , edited 4/27/17
Golden time light novel really gave me a vague ending
Can someone give me your opinion about what really happened, is it really the end? did the author really rushed the ending? did banri forget everything again? What'll happen to kokoa? Will kokoa through that painful experience all over again. and this time there's no happy ending?

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