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CR Enhanced - Tabbed Queue, Custom Styling and more
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Posted 6/2/15 , edited 6/3/15
As I have pushed a couple of updates in the past few weeks I thought I would drop a line here as well. Within the next 50 minutes the latest (and biggest) update should be pushed through the Google servers and next it should distribute to all of you. Curious how many all of you are? Over a thousand by now . Got to say I am quite surprised how many people keep finding this extension. And worst of all, I have no idea whether you guys are using it for the styling options or the custom queue options xD

Either way, lets see what's new? We have a material design style option, we' ve got a new browser button with the coming soon section in it (see below, and you need to explicitly enable it in the options), we've got an option to hide social media buttons, an option to hide premium video links (not terribly useful, but the opposite (which I actually wanted to achieve) turned out to be a bit too hard), a new way to show the option dialog and a couple of bug fixes here and there.

And version 0.4.0 has started arriving in chrome devices near you. Hit the "Update extensions now"-button if you're impatient
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Posted 1/26/17 , edited 1/27/17
Forum Clean up. Old 2015 threads Locked.
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