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Posted 3/12/14 , edited 3/13/14
iPhone 5 (64gb)
IOS 7.1
App Version 2.20

I've stated to experience some really bad lagging/slow down while watching videos on the crunchyroll app.
A few days ago I had been watching bleach videos with a low 3G signal and the videos ran perfect , in the best quality. They would occasionally switch to a low quality but if I refreshed the video then they would run fine as normal.
However the videos have started to stay on a low quality and slow down/lag at the same time. I've tried forcing the videos into staying at the best quality (by going through the setting) but now they take ages to load up and when they do finally work they stop after a few seconds.
I don't understand what's suddenly happened and why it 's acting like this. The other day I spent all day watching anime on a 3G signal through the crunchyroll app and it ran perfectly, in the best quality.
If try it through wi-fi then it works but I want it to work on 3G. It's the reason I got a premium, so I could watch anime in 3G mode.
My cellular carrier is 'Virgin'.
I've tried reseting the phone, network setting. Uninstalling the app and reinstalling it. Tried a bunch of different videos but all the same even the previous ones that ran perfectly do the same thing now.
I know it was a little long winded but I'd really appreciate it if anyone could help me sort this out.
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Posted 3/12/14 , edited 3/13/14
It's not just you. It's been slow for everybody the last few days. Unfortunately, there's nothing that can be done other than to wait for them to fix whatever the problem is.
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