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Posted 3/12/14 , edited 3/13/14
Anybody play any Sim racing titles? For ex. iRacing, rFactor, Assetto Corsa... It can be any racing game too, like Grid, F1 2010-13, Dirt series... If you do, do you play with wheel and pedals, or maybe a full-on rig?
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Posted 3/13/14 , edited 3/13/14
I've tried some of the free ones using an Xbox controller - BMW M3 Challenge, Simraceway, the Netkar Pro and Live for Speed demos.

I'm a poor player though, so I mainly stick to lapping practice. However, Netkar impressed me enough to put some money into Assetto Corsa.
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Posted 3/14/14 , edited 3/15/14
Honestly, I haven't played a real racing sim before. Only games that came close were Colin McRae Rally 2, the Gran Turismo series, and the Forza series. Ever since I've played those, I've been keeping my eyes on WRC, F1, WEC, and recently, V8 Supercars.

However, I've been looking to get my hands on a good wheel to play with. I've been looking at the Fanatec wheels since I've first heard of them to have a better driving experience than just the feel of the joypad.

Also, one thing these racing sims should let us do is customize our own racing helmets. That way, the driver in each car is more personalized than a bunch of plain white helmets.
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Posted 3/25/14 , edited 3/25/14
WOO F1 2013, cant explain how much i love that game as it depicts racing in a way other than your normal 'never ease up off the gas' depiction. i play with the Logitech G27 gaming wheel, petals, and control panel.
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Posted 3/28/14 , edited 3/28/14
Honestly i've been looking for PC racing games and I can't find anything. I've already got Grid2 on the Ps3 and I'm a need for speed fan (Although i don't like NFS:Rivals) I'm more of a fan of "Really fast" racers over realism but i'm not a fan of arcade stuff like Burnout......i'm rambling now
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Posted 12/25/15 , edited 12/25/15
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