Musical guilty pleasures
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I have pretty narrow tastes when it comes to music. Generally I listen to '80s hardcore punk (Minor Threat, Black Flag) and dabble a little bit with Metal ((the) Melvins, Big Business, Three Inches of Blood, etc.). Yet for some odd reason I'll deviate my close-minded tastes and delve into a band that does not fall into those genres.

The purpose of this post is to bring those bands that seem out of place in your musical playlist to light. If you're feeling long-winded enough try to rationalize their presence, because I know, I've had to.

My latest guilty pleasure is Anamanaguchi.

Anamanaguchi is a chip-tune rock band from New York. Chip-tune is a musical genre created by manipulating older electronics such as video games systems or computers. They combine extremely fast tracks made from an NES, and accompany it with drums, guitars, and a bass.

As for why I enjoy these guys so much I think I have a few reasons. 1: It makes me nostalgic. I've played video games since I was four years old, and it brings a lot of pleasant memories back. 2: Their live shows are just a manic light show, dance party. I usually avoid electronic music as a whole, but since they actually involve themselves in their music, rather than stand on stage with just a computer, it makes for a lot more fun. I've listened to their latest LP, Endless Fantasy, in its entirety almost every day since I saw them in December.

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If you like Anamanaguchi, then check out BSK. He makes a lot of good chiptune. Here are previews of two of his albums

Bokusatsu Shoujos Kingdom

Hardcore Chiptune.lsdsng

I can't think of any guilty pleasures right now, But I'm sure I have some. So I'll come back later today and try to add to this discussion. Right now I'm going to sleep, as it's 4 AM.
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My guilty pleasure(s) : Lady GaGa & Lorde. cx ♥~
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Trap/drill rap and whatever genre you describe Grimes, Lorde, and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu as.

what I normally listen to: indie rock, hip-hop, r&b, house, techno, bass, garage, disco, experimental music
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I mostly listen to rock and metal, but I do like backstreet boys and N'sync
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Spanish and Brazilian guitar music.
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