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Posted 3/14/14 , edited 3/15/14
Been enjoying the show so far & find Seki's antics hilarious & Yokoi's reaction to them.
Yet as someone who's been diagnosed add himself, cant help but noticed there behaver patterns for the both of them matching in as those that has ADD.

First of is Seki.
He is easily distracted with all the games he keeps paying, Yet they tend to be heavily creative.
As a fact people that's been diagnosed with ADD quite often have creative & intelligent minds themselves, just that they get distracted so easily so they tend to have trouble to focus on the task at hand.

I myself even been known to play silly games during school work, thou not as nearly s elaborate as Seki's games.

As for Yokoi herself, she has also shown signs of ADD herself.
While anyone can get easily distracted by Seki's silly games,that alone doesn't say anything, it's how she interacts in Seki's not so simple games show's the typical add kind of distractions

The 2 Shogi episodes is one example.
Yokoi not only get's distracted by Seki's Shogi games, she gets fascinated by his games to the point where he uses her imagination to invent stories & before you know it she realized that she has wasted her time.
Even with the second of the 2 Shogi episides she thinks that she can simply ignore it because it's the same as before yet only to be distracted seconds afterwards on how it's different.

So Shogi not only shows how ADDers get distracted but also show that Yokoi got a good imagination as well to invent stories like that.

Another weird example how distraction works for those with ADD like with previous examples yet on how it interferes with her work as Yokoi inadvertently place her distractions into her school work.

Sure the show may a comidy about certain typical classroom behaviour taken to the extreme without a single thought of ADD character trait, yet I still see the ADD paterns ithin both Seki & Yokoi.
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