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Hello everyone Rangers here!
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32 / F / united kingdom
Posted 7/25/14 , edited 7/25/14
Hiya I love lots of anime but i mostly read the hardcore adult hentai/yuri/yaoi. Don't get me wrong i love other normal anime like sao, blue exorcist, solty rei, fruits basket... well the list is endless tbh.. i just can't get enough to satisfy my innerself.... 9 years just isn't enough time i need more.... so yea anyway.... i also read novels and play online mmorpg games... I'm very open minded and if anyone wants to talk to me i'm fine with that
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F / Sydney, Australia
Posted 7/29/14 , edited 7/30/14
Hi, I'm katt14, & at 48yo I'm probably Methuzelah to everyone here! I've been in & out of anime most of my life & one thing I know is that favourites often change for various reasons, but there are usually a few sentimental faves that stay with us always! My first intro to anime was when I was around 2yo when Osamu Tezuka's Kimba the White Lion was aired on Oz TV & Kimba was my best friend! I recently had the chance to rewatch the series & could still sing the OP perfectly...Priceless! Otherwise, Spirited Away, Grave of the Fireflies, Mushishi, Durarara, Natsume Youjinchou, & Fruits Basket are some of my all-time faves just off the top of my head. I know there are others but my recall aint what it used to be! As you can see I'm a bit of a genre hopper, & I'm sure next month/week/tomorrow my faves will be different to today.
Posted 7/30/14 , edited 7/31/14
Hi i`m Zeta and i`m a Sadistic Otaku.

Most of the anime i`ve watched were too shallow, failed plot execution and lack of character development; so i`m not gonna take it so seriously while watching new anime.

Things i like about anime
1. Tanoshi type Girls
2. Flat Chested Girls (Flat is justice)
3. Emotional involvement
4. Fantasy Setting or Sci-fi setting
5. Witty Dialogue that can be funny
6. Good Cliches
7. Neat Moeshit
8. Unexpected/Unpredictable story
9. Lesbians
10. Mindblowing

Things i dislike about anime
1. Go read the manga endings
2. Big Breasted girls (unless their goodly written)
3. Melodrama
4. Downer endings
5. Bad Cliches
6. Slow Pacing (because it`s so boring to watch unless the finale is good.)
7. Douchebag characters (except that MC from Hidan no Aria)
8. Cartoonish villains
9. Adolf Hitler clones
10. CGI (except on cars and mecha)

My top 5 favorite anime

1. Puella Magi Madoka Magica
2. Saki
3. Girls Und Panzer
4. Jojo Bizarre Adventure
5. Hidamari Sketch
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Posted 10/1/14 , edited 10/1/14
Kon'nichiwa Caleb! Watashi wa Chris! Or Generalschrimpf, if you'd prefer. I am 23, will be 24 this Saturday! (WOO!) I've been Anime crazy since I was a little lad. Started off with the usuals, Pokemon and Dragonball, then finally, using the power of the internet, started reading Manga and watching every anime I could possibly find!

My favorite Anime?

Hm, I honestly don't have a favorite! I love every kind and simply can't choose! Although, currently I'm streaming through One Piece, and rather enjoy it!
Recent ones I've also seen and rather enjoyed are; Mysterious Girlfriend X, Attack on Titan, Log Horizon, Sword Art Online, Heavens Lost Property, B Gata H Kei (Yamada's First Time) [this one was rather cute, actually, and had a lot of laughs!].

If y'all wanna keep in touch, let's buddy up! ^_^

Atode o ai shimashou!
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Posted 10/5/14 , edited 10/5/14
I don't really have a favourite anime I can never decide a favourite anything
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