Twelve Years A Slave
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Posted 3/15/14 , edited 3/15/14
At work right now so I far I've only watched this movie for Like ten minutes. The only thing i can think about is why are white people so god damn evil, but yea a better name for the show would be "Be Wary Of The White People."

edit: I feel like I'm watching a horror flim lol. I'm working with like four other people and theyre all white the honky tonk kind of white. But hey not that i will turn down the audio. OMG This movie portray Canadians perfectly (I'm Asian Canadian by the way). "What is factual and what is not" I can literally imagine myself saying that lol. Brad Pitt define awesome. Master Bass <3

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Posted 3/16/14 , edited 3/16/14
Is everyone afraid to watch this movie? Lol

I seen pieces of this film, but I can't finish it without starting to cry. If if was just a fictional movie with a good ending I would love it.

But it's based on a true biography about an actual Moor who was really a slave for 12 years, and he couldn't sue because "Blacks couldn't testify against whites".

Plus that scene towards the end of the movie... Nope, can't finish it, not without waterworks.
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Posted 3/16/14 , edited 3/16/14

It won an Oscar. If you are white i hope you feel bad.

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Posted 4/9/14 , edited 4/9/14
i'm a black women, with that said, that was a harsh thing to say.

i refuse to treat others like shit for their ancestors mistakes. some whites were arrogant, ignorant people during slavery however, there were those who opposed these self rightoues views and revolted along side slaves.

i loved the movie, of course it made me angry, seeing how low humanity can go when power and greed controls your very urge, enslaving those deemed lower than dirt but, I can't walk around hating white people because of that.

its draining and fruitless, i refuse to limit my growth as an indivisual. and when i do come across the ignorant and racist, I just feel sorry for them.

i ain't got time dat shit.
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Posted 12/22/15 , edited 12/23/15
"Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2014."
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