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Posted 3/15/14 , edited 3/16/14
Hi Crunchyroll,

I'm interested to put together a list of anime/manga/drama that are exclusive to or are not available to certain countries. I know from when I was looking at Crunchyroll I would have been interested in this information and I'm sure others would to. Prior to signing up I was looking for a way to stream One Piece legally in the UK, unfortunately that is still impossible (if anyone knows a legal way please message me), but it led me to finding CR and to be honest it was the simulcast of Naruto Shippuden that convinced me to part with the cash.

So basically the idea behind this thread is for people to post about what they have noticed is either exclusive to or not available in the country they are from. I apologise if a thread like this already exists, I'm not going to lie, I didn't wade through the mass of threads on CR. So if one does exist please post a link to it.

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Posted 3/15/14 , edited 3/16/14
Typically, you can see which animes are available in your country by using the anime list on CR.

I'm from the U.S so I can the shows that are available here. I think the only thing that the U.S can't stream at the moment is No-Rin but there could be others that I don't know of.

For One Piece in the UK, you can try
Whoops. Found the regions for daisuki for one piece and it is
* For now, the streaming area is as follows: Canada, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, USA and India

If people could send me/post it on this fourm the list of shows that are available in their regions, I/someone could make a list. Then when simulcasts announcements ends for the season, we can update it for each season.

USA Shows (as of 3/15/2014)
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