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Posted 3/16/14 , edited 3/6/16

As many shows on Crunchyroll have different fonts, font sizes and emphasis (bold, italic, etc(,
it would be nice to be able to choose a unified on in your profile settings, or choose settings based
per series.

I would understand that changing the font to another one might not be allowed due to licensing, but let us
at least modify the settings of the one the show uses, or have a global override font.

Sometimes the default font is not suited for watching from TV for an example.
I am visually impaired person myself, so font size and outline thickness changing would really
improve my watching experience and I'm sure same goes for people with normal vision.

As the subtitles are in a separate file which the video player on your site uses, this should
not be such a big and expensive modification to make a subtitle styling override for the flash player.
After all, you already store my default video quality setting, so wouldn't font settings work the same way?

I could just rip the video and subtitles straight and do the changes I need and then
watch them with a different media player, but that kinda defeats the purpose of streaming,
is time consuming and I'd guess, against the ToS as well so I'd rather not.

Thank you for reading my suggestion and any input from other users and CR
staff will be welcomed and apologies for the messy English.
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Posted 1/15/15 , edited 1/16/15
Totally agree.
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