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Writer Looking for a Passionate Artist to draw a Manga
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Posted 7/28/14 , edited 8/19/14

Phersu wrote:

unitzer07 wrote:


Clearly nothing, as not once did he, or any other thread you spammed, say that they were looking for professionals.

Good luck getting hired anywhere with that attitude. Keep working on your writing, you've got a long way to go.

Didn't ask for your opinion. Didn't want it. Shoo shoo. I cornered you.

You have a lot of learning to do.
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Posted 7/28/14 , edited 8/15/14

Elzrel wrote:

You have a lot of learning to do.

Wow. I forgot this thread even existed. I figured it had fallen off the forums a while ago. Heh, necro-bump.
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Posted 8/6/14 , edited 8/6/14

dwilson2000 wrote:
Hey Wilson I just started back drawing and I would actually love to help you with any of these stories. Thing is my time is mainly between work and school but your choice so just pm me or whatever.

I am a writer and I'm looking for a passionate artist to draw a Manga. Now the reason I say passionate is because I want to work with someone who really cares about their craft without it involving money. (if we work hard enough to get it published maybe we will get some money though) But for now I just really wanna make an awesome Manga we can share with the world.

My drawings skill aren't the greatest however, so that's where you come in. I have a couple ideas of my own or if you wanna come up with a story together we can do that also.

So let me know if you're interested by replying or PM.

Some Story Ideas:

Forbidden Book (Adventure/Fantasy) 13 years ago the Forbidden Book sealed away an entire race known as Bakemono. When a Jr. High School student gets trapped inside he must overcome many obstacles and fight for his life. But will he be able to escape before its too late?
(Forbidden Book is moderately famous on FictionPress and has the most potential for sequels and prequels and specials. Heck I even have spoof ready for this one.)

Elementals: (Fantasy/Friendship) Recently a new card game known as Elementals has hit the markets. It is played by all ages and is thriving in popularity. Loner Bokuro Bekuro has no interest in the game until a special possession of his is threatened. Join him as he duels his way to the top!

Protector of Hana (Fantasy/Action): A young village boy, Naruki Nakamura is entrusted with the task of body guarding the Princess of Mages from assassins. He'll have to use his wits and over the top IQ to do the job.

Chambers (Fantasy/Action): Apathetic Yuudai Youki has just graduated from Knight Academy. Later on that night, he has a confiding tall with Princess Kui and befriends her only for her to get kidnapped by a Warlock. He will now have to search through dozens of chambers to find his her.

Solar System (Adventure/Action): Each planet chooses to associate itself with its future hero. Nari Inoue is a kind and gentle seventh grader who's aligned with the Power of Venus. Once he realizes his abilities, he along with his best friend Sakura and his homeroom teacher Kazu search for the rest of the Planets.

Spellbound (Fantasy/Adventure/Coming of Age): Kaito Fukui hates being around people. So much he refuses to invite anyone to his Coming-of-Age party that his brother set up for him. While ditching his own celebration Kaito comes across a small white furred talking cat named Honoka Mori. When he learns that she is a Magician but can't use powers because of a curse she pleads him to help her break it.

Chosen One (Fantasy/Adventure): In the Weapon World whenever they are in a time of need they summon the Chosen One from the Chosen World. However they are usally very strict about them being twenty one but now great peril has struck and they have no choice but to summon energetic loud mouth. nine year old Ekoay Ishia to their aid.

Name Undecided (Shonen): In a world where everybody can use magic. There are few groups who are exceptional at the task. Combat Mages, Elemental Mages, Support Mages, Psychic Mages, and the extremely rare Summoning Mages. Shy and timid Akemi Yuki, a Summoning Mage attends Elite Mage Academy in order to break out of his shell and become a Great Sage, the strongest of all Mages.

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