Name Top ten reason to hate or love your Simulcasts
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Me Nisekoi here are the reasons.

Is made by shaft studio, they make Bakemonogatari and their art style and camera angles are amazing.

kana hanazawa Voice Actor, Roles she is doing as far as I know this year so far, Bokura wa Minna Kawai-Sō Ritsu, KawaiBuddyComplex Mayuka Nasu,D-Frag! Roka Shibasaki,Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara Megumu Tōzokuyama,Mekaku,City Actors Marry Kozakura,Nisekoi Kosaki Onodera,No-Rin Minori Nakazawa
Ryūgajō Nanana no Maizōkin Daruku Hoshino,Space Dandy Adélie,The Irregular at Magic High SchoolMayumi Saegusa,Tokyo Ghoul Rize Kamishiro
Tonari no Seki-kun Yokoi,World Conquest Zvezda Plot Natasha/Professor Um,Wake Up, Girls! Anna.

His fun to watch and different references from anime to games in the anime.

This anime is candy for the eyes.

the way they show old situation in new ways with heavy dialogue is amazing I never got bore

Shuu Maiko this guy is trying to win troll of year, He so funny I could stop laughing.

the grass is so green in this anime is the best grass I ever seen.

I was going to be 12 anime show but then went it become so popular the decide to make 20 Ep anime.

let put it this way, you are watching this anime and you think you got 10 more minutes, hell no is only 2 minutes renaming that how good it is.

The intro and ending songs are really good and fun.

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