Ready for Anime Boston?
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Posted 3/19/14 , edited 3/20/14
So maybe I missed it, but I don't see an Anime Boston thread on the front page here, so I thought I'd post a bit. It's this weekend, and I'm wondering if anyone else here plans on going. Me and a couple of my friends are attending (though we'll have to buy our tickets at the door since we missed the online dates.) This will be my first time, but my friends have been there before. Has anyone here gone in years past? Are you excited this year? Perhaps we'll see each other at the con, just lemme know if you want to meet up and hang out! I'm sure it will be lots of fun!
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Posted 3/23/14 , edited 3/23/14
Too Bad I didn't see this before I went yesterday. I was the Master Chief if you were there from 1-5 yesterday. I'm from NH as well, It would have been great to make new friends!
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Posted 4/6/14 , edited 4/7/14
I was Toad, in case anyone saw me around the convention or the rave Friday night. I ended up making a new friend! I'm from Western MA and they go to school over at UConn. It was great making new friends at AB, I'm even going to meet up with the new friend this Thursday at the mall. I may have post-con blues but the fact I kept a friend that I made there is amazing. AB 2015 will be epic! This year it was my first time cosplaying so I picked something safe and simple like Toad, but I'm hoping to pick a flashier character and get the works. A wig, proper accessories, the clothes >< I can't wait!
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Posted 12/2/15 , edited 12/2/15
Anime Boston 2014 & 2015 are over. Look forward to next year
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