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3 Reasons I love Anime
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Posted 7/30/14 , edited 7/31/14
1. story. you can tell anything and it can look good.

2. emotions.

3. hot chicks.
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Posted 7/30/14 , edited 7/31/14
When I found Crunchyroll some 4 or 5 years ago, my first anime was Shugo Chara and I liked it because:

1. Bright colors

2. Exaggerated emotions and emotion swings shown in the characters -- like rivers of crying, or being very scared or very surprised and after a while very happy, etc.

3. Awesome voice acting

After a while, I have a 4th reason: I like the art of characters drawn with big eyes
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Posted 7/30/14 , edited 7/31/14
1. It looks really good

2. Anime that wouldn't necessarily be the most popular show/movie in lets say America can still be made and enjoyed because it costs so much less to make an anime than it does to make any American TV show/movie.

3. Lots of the stories we see in anime would be so much harder to make into a show/movie that isn't animated. Because it's animated, anime can do things like the Fate series that wouldn't be nearly as beautiful if it weren't animated.

I also like to listen to the opening and closing songs.
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Posted 7/31/14 , edited 7/31/14
1. crazy ass characters (or hot characters.)
2. awesome plot
3. really expressive voice actors.
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Posted 8/1/14 , edited 8/1/14
1) Culture-

I didn't know much about anime and I barely knew anything about Japan. Anime showed me things outside my country I didn't even really know about. I enjoy it for opening my mind and having me expand my horizons.

2) Animation/Style-

Never knew something so beautiful and unique even existed. The art in anime is truly amazing to glance at which makes me enjoy it even more.

3) Creativity/Unique-

Anime can get pretty creative about various things and it's really unique as well. A simple idea can become absolutely outstanding when made into an anime. The plots are super and the characters are well done too. Everything about anime is truly awesome and just opens my mind to every possibility.

Anime does have it's up and downs along with no being perfect. I enjoy it still.

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Posted 8/1/14 , edited 8/1/14
1 - a wide choice of stories, there is generally some show for any type of interest someone has
2 - Really Good Character Designs
3 - More choices for adults
Posted 8/1/14 , edited 8/1/14
1. wacky ideas in anime. that you can't find anywhere else. I mean when's the last time you watched a series where a male friend enters his best friend's bathroom while he's taking a bath? (I'm talking about the anime Free! by the way).

this is such a wack idea to me, because I would never feel comfortable about another BFF entering while i'm taking a bath xD. just goes to show how much the Japanese animators are serious about close friendships.

this theme of true friendship is so abundant in anime; where one would risk his life to save another (Killua and Gon in HxH)... and I think it's why I'm drawn to anime... because I enjoy seeing that. Another one is Meruem and Komugi (HxH)... two characters with opposite personalities that bonded over a board game... it's so romantic and heartwarming at the same time...

...and it's like... I think to myself, "I wish that would happen to me some day too"

2. in a way, it's a superior form of manga. moving pictures and music. some people can imagine those things while reading manga, but I can't do that so that's why I've always found anime to be more superior to manga. if there are anime episodes, I would prefer to watch them.

3. the characters personalities and plot are more diversified than other media, I think.


if there's one anime I think that deserves more international recognition is definitely Hunter x Hunter. It's just an amazing anime that's often overlooked by people due to non-pretty characters or they think it's for children
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Posted 12/27/15 , edited 12/28/15
"Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2014."
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