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Have you ever cried while reading a Book/LN series.
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Posted 11/15/14 , edited 11/16/14
I teared up around the end of the second chapter of Jeff Lemire's Essex County. A fantastic graphic novel, but I'm fairly sure most people outside of Canada will "get it."
Posted 11/30/14 , edited 11/30/14
i can't recall the name, but I know why I cried.
Mom&Dad had a bad relationship. Dad was a bit abusive...and he was a popular dude in sports? Anyways, he starred alot on tv.
Mom left and went to some sort of farm to live with her gay friend. Daughter wasn't allowed to visit her, but she did anyway. When daughter came, mom was always a bit distanced and that bothered daughter. She stopped going and was "hypnotized" by her dad that her mom was all bad and that she left them because she didn't love them. And then one day, daughter heard her dad come home in the middle of tje night. He had murdered her mom along with her gay friend.and she found some letter, written by her mom, about how she felt sorry, how she didn't want to be ignorant;she wanted to keep hidden because dad couldn't know where she was....Daughter knew her dad did it but she didnt say anything.she did cry when she was alone. And I reckon dad found out about the place because of the daughter. I dont remember, but it wasn't on purpose, didnt happen directly. Anyways, I cried
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Posted 1/14/15 , edited 1/14/15
Mannn, I get so emotional over books. I laugh and I cry. There's no shame in getting caught up in the stories you read!
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Posted 1/15/15 , edited 1/15/15
i love it when books make me cry, laugh etc. so yes i've cried several times.
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Posted 12/25/16 , edited 12/25/16
End of year forum cleanup. ^,^ Locked!
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