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Posted 3/20/14 , edited 3/21/14
So until I get some people here I won't post much except some of what we will cover.

1. Social freedom (breaking free from you fears about what you think other people think about you, pushing you limits)

2. Relationship Dynamics ( what diffrent relationships mean and what you want short term and long term)

3. Being authentic and honest about your intent ( what else do I need to explain)

4. Being open minded of others

5. how to talk to the opposite sex ( It's not easy who ever said it was, was either allready good with it or is lying to you!)

And this is just some of the thing's we'll be discussing... Also anime if you guys want?
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Just so ya'll know Social freedom Will be the first topic we discuss! And I'll go more into detail on the subject when we get there...
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Great to hear am excited
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