Koe (A Japanese Learner's RPG)
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Posted 3/20/14 , edited 3/21/14
I didn't see anything about it when Crunchyroll announced the PlayStation Vita, but there's a new game coming out called Koe that will help players learn Japanese! It's a project by a Japanese student (Jitesh Rawal) that will make learning easier and more fun.

Here's the Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/297265509/koe-a-jrpg-with-japanese-at-the-core-of-gameplay

Fans have until the 30th of this month to donate via PayPal, if they'd like. (He's already well-past his financial goals, so I'll just be buying the game.) At any rate, if you don't get to read this in time to donate, please do a review! Advertising wasn't on Jitesh's funding to-do list. : )

It's also coming out on MAC OSX and Windows.

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