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Posted 3/20/14 , edited 3/21/14
These are jobs. Below.

Secretary/High Ruler:
Takes ALL types of requests. Creates contests and updates group. Help the Manager and Co-managers in all types of editing needs or theme making.

Junior Secretary/Royal Student:
Takes requests and makes topics, and threads.

Gallery Custodian/Designer:
Posts in the galleries and manages it. May take minor requests. Helps recruit and manage threads/forums.

Spammer/Royal Helper
Fills the forums and wall to increase the group's CR points. As well as upload pictures.

How to apply. Below.

Job application(e.g. Secretary. Can be more than one):
Sample of work(If you are a Royal Helper, you don't need this. Must be in a spoiler):

Sincerely, fluffymarshmellows.
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