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Posted 3/23/14
Written by Onymous

The challenge in writing an informative piece about Nobunagun is not so much attempting to convey how awesome and ridiculous it is. Instead, the hard part is describing the premise without sounding like a raving lunatic. Here goes.

Aliens, referred to as “Invasion Objects” are attacking the Earth with the goal of taking over our the global ecosystem..Fortunately for the Earth. the invasion was foreseen by the government agency DOGOO, who travelled through time to murder important historic figures, extract and purify their superior genes, then implant those genes into children who would be teenagers at the time of the invasion.

The result of the program would be an elite force of high school super soldiers, known as “E-Gene Holders”, to battle the alien menace. With the use of AU balls, DOGOO forces can activate their genetic code to manifest their weapon.

Shio Ogura is an awkward, Japanese student who has inherited the genetic code of Oda Nobunaga. DOGOO was not yet aware of her existence so she lived a relatively normal life save for an unhealthy interest in military technology. During her class trip to Taiwan, the Invasion Objects attack and begin destroying the island, killing her classmates in the process. One classmate, Kaoru Asao, who began befriending Shio, is knocked unconscious. When the DOGOO agent sent to defeat the Invasion Objects passes out from his wounds, Shio accidentally ends up with the AU ball and proceeds to kill the 200 Object invasion force almost single-handedly.

Shio joins DOGOO as the fourth member of the 2nd platoon, with some of the organizations best operatives. The first she encounters is Adam Muirhead, who inherited the genes of Jack The Ripper. His power gives him the ability to transform his left hand into a number of bladed objects, usually a single large knife. Jess Beckham inherited the genes of Isaac Newton and possesses a boot which can manipulate the gravity of whatever she steps on. Finally Mahesh Mirza, the inheritor of Mahatma Gandhi’s genes, wears a buddhist palm forcefield projecting helmet.

For obscure manga fans, the concept is very similar to Hagane, if Hagane included an alien invasion threatening the future of the planet Earth. Nobunagun also takes itself considerably less seriously. The primary incentive for Shio to perform well on her combat training becomes preventing her coach from distributing photos of her, in various states of dress, to all the soldiers on base. Shio spends just as much time admiring military vehicles as she does speaking with other human beings and her team mates all have their quirks.

The series is able to get grim at times, conveying the gravity of the war that is being waged with the survival of humanity in the balance. Shio’s classmates and soldiers working with DOGOO frequently die at the ends of the invader’s variety of limbs. Even the injuries suffered by the 2nd Platoon can get pretty gruesome.
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Posted 3/31/14 , edited 4/1/14
That was a better attempt that I could've.
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Posted 4/1/14 , edited 4/1/14
One small point - if the DOGOO team were implanting the egenes directly into the kids (or adults) then they would definitely know about Sio. But I think they enhanced the genetic line so they could manifest the egenes whenever the EIO appeared. These are bloodlines and they can't keep track of all of them, no matter how important.

Also don't forget to mention the civilian casualties
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Posted 4/17/14 , edited 4/17/14
Also, they didn't travel though time, they simply started the project that far back.
I'm not certain whether they actually murdered the historic figures or simply showed up at the moment of their deaths.
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