endless sea
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This is how i feel about art. This is how i feel about talent. this is how i feel about drugs.

I took a deep breath and dived into that endless sea, a sea full with feelings, dreams, ambitions and every desire known to mankind. To my surprise, I saw things I thought I wouldn't ever see and experienced things i thought i never would. In exchange, the price for all this knowledge, the price for getting on this ride, was the peace of mind and the tranquility I took for granted all along. I don't know if I will ever be able to regain that control, but now, it doesn't even matter. Now, it is just part of my life. The same way demons are part of angels. The same way this experience is part of what my life is right now. The same way I cannot go 30 minutes without thinking about it. But the flame becomes weaker, the signal falls through the distance, the metal oxidizes. It is so that I will part ways from this experience so I can embrace the reality of this world and not fall into complete admiration.. Blessed be the one who can surf through the seas of emotions and imaginations and still bring back souvenirs from his journey. Cursed is the one who has to give every time a little part of him so that he can bring back something from that world. Brave is the one who doesn't care to exchange his reality and his world for the sake of others.
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Resembles prose poetry.
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