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Personal Stories of Reincarnation
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If I had a past life, I would want to be Gendo Ikari.
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Khaltazar wrote:

Reincarnation is a fantasy. You can't give personal experiences since it is not possible. Once your body stops functioning your brain decays. Your entire being is programmed by your brain. Once that finishes decaying you are nothing.

always find it funny how in similar discussions there's always SOMEONE who has to come in and spout something like this like they know it's an actual fact.


personally, I've never experienced anything like the dejavu of a previous life, but lately I've been interested in near death experiences. I personally think I've had 2... but who knows.

when I was a kid, I was hit by a car. my parents swore up and down that I didn't regain consciousness until some time later at the hospital, but I was certain that I was conscious the entire time and was looking up at my parents as they were telling me I was going to be ok and that I was just in a small accident.

a few years ago, I was involved in a pretty serious car accident. the people on the scene were certain that I was dead until I all of a sudden regained consciousness while they were cutting the roof off my truck so they could pull me out of the wreckage. not exactly certain if they tried to check my vitals or why they thought I was dead.. never heard the reasons. but the weird thing is.. during the time I was out, I was what felt like lying down on my back and I could see 3 figures standing over me discussing something and about how I needed to go back.

I was curious about this so I went and looked it up but it's apparently scientifically impossible to have dreams while having been rendered unconscious by force because you can't reach REM sleep that way. so the only things I'm left with are some vague memories and lots of questions...
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