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Posted 3/22/14 , edited 3/22/14
I like how some in the forum hide quotations behind the "spoiler alert" - that's so themed!! Do we use this term somehow else yet? "With all these anime-themed cafe opening around", I would be surprised if there was still no "Spoiler Alert" cake-fe somewhere! (Just to warn that, while there, you may accidentally overhear a spoiler from the next episode, of course - no puns on pampering self with sweets!)

Come to think of it, original is not a misuse. In fact, wouldn't that be natural to insert "Spoiler alert" screen frequently in the anime itself: once you watched a scene, you can't watch it again as first time. Everyone understands, rare ones realize, so the spoiler alert for the spoiler's all art.

In this sense, everything worthy deserves spoiler alert sticker, so why they do not, finally, start attaching fancy ones to every worthy DVD? As a kind of rating: "you'll be spoiled and physically unable to watch mediocre ones after this!"

Thanks godz*, the signal of the alarm clock is one global spoiler alert, compensating for those shortcomings: "you may wake up and start with your day, but you've been warned!" No, that's not enough, I may need to write it in bold on the back of my door.

And in conversation - do we drop "Spoiler Alert" here and there, like: "and then we came to that place, and who do you think we see - spoiler alert / gesture / - ..." - implying that the plot is so fabulous as to be reported on TV or inspire a novel: "I warned you, keep on listening but don't blame me if this ruins your viewing of the next year oscar-winner."

Some may be convinced it's their secret super-power - the words "SPOILER ALERT" appear to them exclusively, as prophetic visions to psychics. You can spot such person when they stand up and leave in the middle of the class/meeting, covering ears with their hands. Compassionate ones will stay and cover the ears/eyes of their friend or even a stranger. Vigorous ones will remove the speaker.

I'm even a strong suspector**, that name Albert is a mere alphabetization*** of the word alert. Spoiler Al(b)ert thus - a fictional character, called by his warrior nickname - that of a hypostasis+name form, like Beast Fighter Momoko or Cake Eater Takashi. His strength is to tell his enemies new episodes of their favourite anime, forcing them to withdraw.

Everyone, have a

* - short for Godzilla
** - an idiot, who ends self-applied adverbs like "inspector", thinking it makes him sound cool (while it actually does!)
*** - making something sound more "alphabetical", i.e. make syllables start with consecutive alphabet letters
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I almost did not click to view this thread

Warning signs have power. Maybe.

You have a good weekend too.
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Posted 3/22/14 , edited 3/22/14
How dare you wish me a nice weekend? Now my weekend is spoiled!
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your life is no longer a lie, it's just full of spoiler alerts
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"Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2014."
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