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Why combo pack and less standard single BD/DVD sets?
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Posted 3/23/14 , edited 3/23/14

Bakaneer wrote:

Stonewolfe wrote:

I came to this thread only to realize more people don't have Blu-rays than I thought. I thought it was just one of those things that everyone pretty much had now.

One other thing to keep in mind about Blu-ray is that the region code in Japan is shared with North America, and because of this subtitles are often locked when the Japanese track is playing. There are lots of people who want to watch their anime the same way those in Japan do it. There are no such restrictions with the DVD release because of the different region codes. The reason for subtitle locking is that the main source of revenue comes from the sales of Japanese BD releases, and having a North American product that's much cheaper and compatible with Japanese players makes reverse importation a huge threat. So there is also that angle to go from because of all of the restrictions involved with regards to subtitles.

I see... This is news to me as I have no Anime in my own possession everything I watch is streams from CR or FUNi.
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I'm guessing because of shelf space...
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