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What is it?

The world of Aeternus is merely what they call the parallel world of Earth. Earth and Aeternus are sort of similiar. Since this is a parallel world, the inhabitants may look sort of alike to their counterparts of Earth. Or people that use to live on Earth who are dead.

How does the world of Aeternus work?
Unlike the modern world of Earth currently, Aeternus is a little off-set. The parallel world doesn't have cell phones, computers, cars, or anything like that. The most advanced transportation are trains. But it cost quite a bit of money. Aeternus is spreaded out by 7 pieces of land that one of the 7 lords own. 3 of the lands are quite cruel, poor, or and harsh, because of the lords, while 3 aren't. The other land is half and half, and called Erina. The good lands are called:Sempara, Alanas , and Zephira. The cruel lands are Onax, Noir, and Timbren. You can pick one of these lands as your homes in the character sign up.

Positions in Aeternus that you're allowed to have:
The 7 lords. When I say lord, it can be a girl or guy.:
1.Lord of Sempara:
2.Lord of Alanas:Zeke Lione
3.Lord of Zephira:
4. Lord of Erina:Ameilia C.DarkSong
5.Lord of Noir:Cedric Nox Aeruclios
6.Lord of Timbren:
7.Lord of Onax:

The 6 Princes(These people don't have to be directly related to the Lords, but they do have the second highest respect and live close to the lord of whatever land they live. They act as the Commander/General of the Army in their land The land of Timbren doesn't have one though):
Prince of Alanas: Roland Von Heart

Prince of Noir: Trent Mellard

The 6 Princesses(These people don't have to be directly related to the Lords, but they do have the second highest respect and live close to the lord of the land. The land of Timbren doesn't have a Princess though.):
Princess of Sempara: Candra Loveherth

Princess of Alanas: Sayomi Kurumi

Princess of Noir: Shizuka Kumio
Liley Harpe

Seargents( They are the senior soldiers that take direct orders from the Lord often.):
Alexander Evans

Rogue Soldiers:

Free Lancers(Fighters who will do anything for money, they're mostly assassins Currently there can be no more free lancers, we need more people doing other things.):
Artemis Versaillus

Levi Collins
Beau Leon
Sun Yun Hee

Kaien Shiba

Jean Xexes

Spies(These are people who belong to another land, but spy on the land they are residing in):
Rima Orion

Shop Keepers(Different Shops. A shop keeper can own a flower shop, inn keeper to even a weapon shop.):
Arthur Honley
Genessa Albyss-Hyacinth





White( true name is Bai Zhongxi)

The 4 Sirens( The Sirens who have lured many of Earth's residents to the universe of Aeternus. They are very wise and old about both Earth and Aeternus, but they look rather youthful rather then old.The 4 Sirens either come from Erina, Noir, Onax or Timbren. Although, one of the Sirens could also be a traitor from the lands of Sempara, Alanas, or Zephira who are working with the harsh cities/lands nobody outside of Noir, and Timbren truly knows the purpose.The only thing the other lands know)
Are that some strange force is bringing people from Earth to Aeternus):
1. Slyvie Doucet
2. Edie

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