Noobiecon (Utica, NY)
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Posted 3/25/14 , edited 3/25/14
Hey guys! Has anyone gone to Noobiecon? They're currently running a kickstarter to get funded for their convention this year. They're planning to have it the first weekend of September ^.^
If you have any interest in going, I strongly suggest backing them in the kickstarter program! You can get a ticket from backing and then enjoy the con ^.^ And if they don't reach their funding goal, well then nothing happen and you don't get charged.
I already submitted my pledge and hope that it gets funded! Maybe I'll see some fellow Crunchyroll forum users there! ^.^ (If it gets funded, I will be there as Rikka Takanashi! So say hi!)
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Posted 4/7/14 , edited 4/8/14
Upstate NY eh? kinda far from me.
I know there was a con in brookyln in March and NYCC is always in October. (rip anime festival)
anyways good luck with it
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Posted 4/10/14 , edited 4/11/14
I live right by utica, ill donate! Do you know anything else about noobiecon? I always wanted to go to an anime convention but never knew they had one so close! Wooooooo
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Posted 12/2/15 , edited 12/2/15
Sad that Noobiecon 2014 didn't make it. Locked.
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