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2013 ★ BATTLE

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Posted 4/18/14 , edited 4/19/14
4 - Attack on Titan - 2 of the shows I only watch in this battle. I like the story. But not as hyped as many people...

3 - Kyoukai no Kanata - I enjoyed it at first, but I felt bored halfway though..

(I really feel bad voting here without watching the other shows.. I just can't watched them all... )

2 - Problem Children - I haven't watched it , but the plot seems more interesting to me than the last one.

1 - Gatchaman Crowds - like I said in my reason in Problem children
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M / Australia
Posted 4/18/14 , edited 4/19/14
4 - Gatchaman Crowds: Had a nice art style and fun characters.
3 - Attack on Titan: Awesome visuals but slow at points and lacked a good MC.
2 - Kyoukai no Kanata: Really pretty animation but bad plot and terrible conclusion.
1 - Problem Children: Haven't watched, but seems pretty generic.
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27 / F / Under your skin.
Posted 4/18/14 , edited 4/19/14
Tallying votes. Battle #4 coming in a bit.
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27 / F / Under your skin.
Posted 4/19/14 , edited 4/19/14

Battle #3 is now over. 64 votes counted.
Attack on Titan and Problem Children advance to the next round.
◘ Table and Results updated.
Battle #4 is now open!

Previous Battle Stats:
Attack on Titan
Problem Children
Gatchaman Crowds
Kyoukai no Kanata

Battle #4

5 - Most Liked 1 - Least Liked

Posted 4/19/14 , edited 4/19/14
5 points - Watamote: This is a no-brainer. The most unique and funniest anime from this list; just the way the story is told and how the character is presented... it was very raw, and honest and an accurate representation of an "introvert".
4 point - hataraku maou-sama: pretty funny
3 point - Maoyuu: interesting theme
2 point - Outbreak company: too much fanservice
1 point - non non biyori: anything with little kids, I don't like [unless it's Lucky Star].

i'm glad watamote isn't grouped with chihayafuru, cuz I would have no idea which to give 5 points to
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29 / M / GA
Posted 4/19/14 , edited 4/19/14
Non Non Biyori




Outbreak Company




This ticks all the slice of life boxes for me. Comedy, cute characters, gorgeous animation, a sense of serenity, a touch of the feels, and there's even a bit of yuri undertone. This is the perfect feel good after a long day show. About as good as slow paced slice of life gets.

Quite funny, if a bit hard to watch at times.

Haven't seen it: fairly high on my list of shows to get around to.

Haven't seen it: seems like I'll watch it at some point.

Haven't seen it: doesn't really appeal to me.
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23 / M
Posted 4/19/14 , edited 4/19/14
5 - Watamote: I thought it was pretty funny. Kind of lacking towards the end though. Or rather, the joke got old by that point. It was an enjoyable show.
4 - Maoyuu: This was pretty cool. It reminded me a lot of Spice and Wolf, but not as good. But still a solid series.
3 - Non Non Biyori: This anime is pretty relaxing and can be pretty fun. It's not the best SoL, but it was certainly enjoyable.
2 - Outbreak Company: It was alright. Nothing special. A bit overboard on the fanservice though.
1 - Hataraku Maou-sama: I haven't seen it, nor do I care to.
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44 / M / Oakland, CA
Posted 4/19/14 , edited 4/19/14
The whole exercise is now invalid of course, but still >>

5 - Harataku Maou. Weird concept, really funny, occasional moments of really excellent action. This show offered just about everything.
4 - Nonnon - Best megacute show of the year probably, I dream of nyanpasu.
3 - Maoyuu. LH is better, this was a little slow.
2 - Outbreak, didn't really watch it.
1 - Watamote - awful and painful. If you're laughing at her that's cruel, if you empathize, that's dark.
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27 / M / WI
Posted 4/19/14 , edited 4/22/14
5. The devil is a Part-timer- Funny as hell
4. Non Non Boyori- The show was relaxing, and just plain fun to watch
3. Outbreak co- it was alright, but I thought the execution coud have been better
2. Watamote- Dropped after 2 episodes
1. Maoyuu- Haven't seen
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24 / M / California
Posted 4/19/14 , edited 4/19/14
5. Non Non Biyori - One of, if the not the most relaxing slice of life series I've had the joy of watching. Fun and enjoyable characters, especially Natsumi, and it's combination of a rural setting plus a slower pace really added to the peaceful/calm effect it had. Silver Link has really impressed me this time and I'm looking forward to more relaxing days with it's upcoming second season. Also Nano.RIPE opening is win.

4. Hataraku Maou-sama - The premise was silly but it worked, and really good at that. Maou and Ashiya's interactions gave me some good laughs and most of the other characters were likable. Although I felt the second half of the series was inferior to the first with it's villain, fights, and comedy, the first half was pretty solid on all of those. It was tough to choose between this and Watamote, but Hataraku has a nice charm to it that I think puts above Watamote. Also Nano.RIPE endings give it a boost.

3. Watamote - I laughed, I cringed, Tomoko was a fun character to follow in her endeavor to become popular... even though she's unsuccessful at every turn.

2. Maoyuu - Haven't watched it but based on recommendations I read it was similar to Spice and Wolf which is enough to put it at 2.

1. Outbreak Company - Haven't watched it either. The synopsis didn't appeal too much so I never picked it up.
1215 cr points
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25 / M
Posted 4/19/14 , edited 4/19/14
5. Non Non Biyori - So funny and enjoyable, my favorite anime of the fall season
4. Watamote - Haven't watched, heard it was good.
3. Hataraku Maou-sama - Haven't watched, seems interesting
2. Maoyuu - Haven't watched, never heard of it
1. Outbreak Company - bored me
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Posted 4/19/14 , edited 4/19/14
5 - Maoyuu: Awesome show, i really like anime about economics and politics, i find them really interesting. i also like the romance, which might sound weird cuz it might seem kind forced and clunky with all the time skips, but i feel it was meant to feel forced and awkward because of how suddenly they got "married" and its part of the comedy. i find the whole setting world and political climate really cool. i wish more of the novel was translated

4 - Hataraku maou-sama: Hilarious, best faces pre - nisekoi. cool mythology . All the characters are really good and maou is an awesome MC. the action is awesome and over the top(which adds to the humor of it for me.) all in all great show.

3 - Outbreak company: interesting concept, good execution. I like the characters and the whole "otaku in a fantasy land" premise. but i feel like it comes up short in most categories for me. all in all, i really did enjoy the show.

2 - Watamote: Really didn't like this. was way to painful to watch, and it wasn't even that funny. really doesn't have anything i look for in an anime. but its 2 because i do see the point, and how people can relate(though, i feel bad for you if you do)

1 - Nonnon: didnt watch this, not my kind of anime. while i do enjoy SoL, i only like the heavy romance SoL not the whole "cute girls doing cute things" stuff. and this show seems to be just that.
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22 / M / Stockholm, Sweden
Posted 4/19/14 , edited 4/19/14
5 - Hataraku Maou-sama : My second favourite from the Spring season, and also the first shows that I watched week to week and it will have a special place inside of me. Funny show with the Dark Lord coming to the human world and the Hero follows him ... Funny stuuf yeah, funny stuff.

4 - Watamote : Good show, I enjoyed it all through and it was solid, something that oneself could connect with and seeing oneself in the series -, well if you are that into the otaku "culture" (?). Still a great show.

3 - Non Non Biyori : Sorry, I would want to rank this show higher but I like the two above more then this .... I am sooooo sorry ;(((( </3

2 - Maoyuu : I haven't seen this but would like to try this show sometime when I have time over.

1 - Outbreak Company : Saw the first episodes but stopped, but it was quite interesting, however it was not something that I would want to watch ... So yeah ...
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35 / M / Australia
Posted 4/19/14 , edited 4/19/14
5. Hataraku Maou-Sama: Probably my favourite of the year, I just couldn't stop laughing while watching this show.

4. Non Non Biyori: Possibly one of my favourite slice of life shows but it's up against Maou-Sama so I can't give it full points.

3. Maoyuu: I really like this show just not as much as the ones above.

2. Outbreak Company: Really enjoyable to watch but a bit of fanservice near the end was enough to drop this to second last, this round was really difficult for me.

1. Watamote: Even though I liked all the other shows in this group, I couldn't stand this one so it's an easy 1 pointer.
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Posted 4/19/14 , edited 4/19/14
5 - Outbreak Company - Has every conceivable red flag for being garbage otaku-bait, but somehow twists this into an actual narrative, one which deconstructs and parodies otakudom and every element of the setting within reach. This is the only one of the five I actually finished watching...

4 - Maoyuu - The first episode is beautifully done, and one of my favorite pilot episodes. The rest doesn't really live up to this standard, being sort of a more lecture-y and less heartfelt version of Spice and Wolf, but it's still decent, from what I've seen.

3 - Hataraku Maou-sama - The "fantasy characters as fish-out-of-water in the modern world" concept is an old and corny one, but this runs with it quite well, with equal parts thoughtfullness and silliness. Who would have guessed the Devil would soften in his evil ways through working at a burger joint, of all things?

2 - Non Non Biyori - Kids doing kid things. There isn't a whole lot else to say about it, but it does the iyashikei thing well and isn't creepy.

1 - Watamote - Its greatest strength is its realistic picture of a depressed, lonely, and awkward teenager, but this is also its greatest weakness, since it makes no attempt to imply that her life can ever improve. Maybe it's meant to be her own narrow perspective, but it's needlessly depressing. After a while, it starts to feel less painfully realistic and more nihilistic and cruel, wallowing in its own misery for the sake of Office-style cringe comedy. From what I've heard of the manga, her life gets even worse, which doesn't really surprise me.
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