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Posted 3/30/14 , edited 3/30/14
"There was a problem playing the video. Please try again, or contact support if the problem persists."

I get that message when it crashes, and it crashes like 3 times every episode. It didn't do this at first when I got my phone, but it started up back in like December or January and I don't know why.

Phone Model: SGH-1777 (Galaxy S2)
Streaming Via: 3g/4g (I'm not sure which one my phone uses)
Service Provider: AT&T
Android OS: 2.3.6
App Version: 0.9.3

I've already tried:
- logging out and back into the app
- uninstalling and reinstalling the app
- clearing the data and cache
- restoring my phone to factory settings and re-downloading everything (because it also does this with some other video apps)

I'm guessing it's something with my phone and not Crunchy's app, but I'm hoping I can work it out without having to upgrade to a whole new phone. Any ideas? Thanks in advance...
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