New to forums, Looking for buddies or groups with common interest.
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Posted 4/1/14 , edited 4/1/14
This is I believe my fourth and last thread of today, I'm just looking for people with common interest to talk about their anime experiences and or opinions to discuss with. I'll join your group or you can add me as a buddie doesn't matter to me, as long as we all can talk about anime or whatever. Plus if you have an idea to where i should start looking for groups or buddies suggest away.

If you want o know anime i've watched and have an interest in here they go : DBZ, Fairy tail, Naruto, Bleach, One peice, Guren lagaan, Kill la kill, Vandread, Tenchi muyo, ikki tosen, bento, azumanga daioh, gantz ( this show messed up my mind), Basilisk, future diaries, elfen lied, Full metal alchemist bot, Full metal panic series, Gundam wing, Baka and Test, Hunter X Hunter, Magi, Beezlebub, Hitman reborn, Hajime no ippo, toradora, trigon, cowboy bebop, outlaw star, ronin warriors , Soul Eater, Sword art online, Attack on titan, Cased closed, darker than black, my little monster, Little witch academia, Oreimo, Eureka 7, samurai champloo, Read or Die, Acell Saga, Nhk, D- Graymon, high school of the dead, inuyasha, yu yu hakusho, A World only god knows, durara, Baccano

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Posted 4/1/14 , edited 4/1/14

Sorry for closing two of your threads in quick succession, but this is a pretty personal thread (all about finding you groups or buddies), also against the site rules. That said, I can probably help you out a bit!

There's an introductions thread over in General where you can introduce yourself and your anime preferences, and get to know some of the current site users, maybe send out some buddy requests. For a more personal approach, there's the Friendship thread, which is all about finding new buddies on the site!

Groups are usually introduced to new members over at the Promote Your Group thread, so you can see who is talking about what, and probably find some groups that share your interests.

I'd highly recommend checking those out, you can probably find some new buddies & groups quite quickly!


(It is a bit tough to find some threads today, given the April Fool's shenanigans going on... the links I put in this reply will still work, though)
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