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love from another perspective
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This post feels like a CLAMP couple.
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NekoGirlSashira wrote:

] wrote:

I think the purest form of love is one where two people mutually inspire each other to live.

I agree!! When in love you feel inspired to better each others lives and carry the weight of internal and external issues together! A mutal understanding!!

That's true love. I totally agree!
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I tend to agree. There's something immensely noble about a love where you gain nothing in return. I would go a step further and include a love where you don't get pleasure for making the other person happy, yet make them happy nonetheless. I suppose I just haven't reached the level of cynicism to call that kind of love impossible just yet.

I've always found that concept extremely romantic - though I know this applies in all settings of love (such as family, deep friendships, etc).

I imagine that it might actually be difficult to knowingly receive that type of love. I think it forces a sense of responsibility on you. Some people probably think that's a bad thing, but I've always seen it as a good thing.

But i'm just rambling at this point, so forget all that and pretend my post is only the first four words lol
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