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Evangelion watching order
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GerryO wrote:

Hyouringan wrote:

GerryO wrote:

Might just be better to watch the movies since they're made with the intent of bringing in new fans

But if you want to see the whole thing then start with the TV series up till episode 24
then watch End of Evangelion which gives an alternate ending to the series which is a lot better and conclusive than the TV series ending
You can then watch the movies, keep in mind that the films are not a continuation of the TV series but rather a reboot with a new take on the story and characters

The TV series or the Movie series, either one you'll be in for an awesome experience,
and if you find eva's not for you think about checking out Gunbuster/Diebuster and Gurren Lagann, those are some other mecha anime by Gainax which personally I find better than NGE

The End of Evangelion is not an alternate ending. To be accurate, the TV series ending is the same as the End of Evangelion. The last two episodes (25 and 26) take place within the minds of the characters during EoE after the "Komm Susser Tod" montage. EoE was intended to be the last two episodes, but Gainax ran out of budget and couldn't animate EoE yet. Thus, episodes 25 and 26 were born. Personally, I think the main purpose of the show lies within those two episodes. If you couldn't figure that out, you didn't understand the show.

Huh well that's something I didn't know, I knew that the ending in EOE wasn't made due to budget but I never knew that the TV series ending was actually the same as EOE.
Well it has been about 8 yrs since I watched NGE and EOE so I guess my memory's a little foggy, and again NGE isn't my favorite Gainax anime so I never really analyzed the show heavily.

It's my favorite Gainax anime so I know it pretty damn well. But the ones you listed are definitely up there for me as well.
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