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A p p r o v e d
By ハチ~

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Name: Asher
Date of Birth (& age): june 18, 1995- 18
Place of Birth: back alley in Paris
Gender: male
Species: shape-shifting Demon
Languages: (fluently) French, English, orient hellion /(non fluently) japanese, russian
Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: family dead, no friends, a cat he calls twin follows him around

Physical Description

Height: 6' 3"
Weight: varies
Hair: white
Eyes: red
Typical Clothing/Equipment: usually stays in demon form, but shrouded in a hooded cloak, usually uses two black long swords (also has many knives hidden on person.


Personality: sarcastic yet stoic, only smiles when in battle, loves jokes, loner, and always carries out a promise
Skills/Talents: excluding his powers- he is an amazing chef, can copy martial arts by watching them, and can skin any animal (even human) cleanly under a minute.
Likes: anything with a sharp edge ( swords and knives in particular), fire, food, explosives, and books
Dislikes: inturruptions, human males, closets (armoires are okay), blunt weapons, guns
Goals: to satisfy his hunger and find a certain human who should be dead, and kill his adoptive mother
Strengths: enhanced strength, speed, healing, shape-shifting, mastery of several martial arts (capoeira, ninjutsu, muay thai, & aikido) & blades of all kinds, master of poison
Weaknesses: damaged sinuses (cannot smell), when in blind rage he will decimate anything within a mile radius, he is slightly... " wrong" so newer technology will not work around him
Fears: small cramped places (slightly), adoptive mother (immensely)
Hobbies/Interests: cooking, reading, killing, drawing
Attitude Toward Death: "when it's my time ill fight like hell, but everyone else should just quit and save me the trouble"
Strange Behaviors: when talking to attractive women his right hand twitches
Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience: his adoptive mother's survival/ conditioning camps as a kid (while teaching hime never to trust anyone, she conditioned him to fear and obey her without question
Special Training: multiple martial arts, extensive bladed weapons mastery, tactics, gun traing ( still doesnt like to use them)
Occupation(assassin, swordsman, knight, etc.): Assassin

Additional Notes: ran away from mother at a young age to fully master martial arts and joined the assassins, though she is currentlyy still looking for him for unknown reasons.
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