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The vampire Staz is one of the most powerful district bosses in the demon world, fending off everyone who dares challenge him. But secretly, the fearsome Staz is obsessed with human culture, especially video games, manga, and everything that comes from Japan! When a Japanese girl wanders into the demon world, Staz can’t wait to meet the human and learn everything he can about her world. Unfortunately, before he’s able to ask her anything, the girl is killed by one of his would-be usurpers, leaving just her bare soul behind. Staz vows to help the girl restore her body and return to her former life—especially since it means taking a trip to the human world himself!

Other Information

Type: Manga
Volumes: Unknown
Chapters: Unknown
Status: Publishing
Published: Sep 4, 2009 to ?
Genres: Action, Comedy, Demons, Vampire, Supernatural, Seinen
Authors: Kodama, Yuuki (Story & Art)
Serialization: Young Ace

Chapter 36:

And going underground. Staz always has a plan. Well, it doesn't seem like this manga get releases often but it's enjoyable imo when it does, especially the humor part. "Congratulations". Oh Staz, you and your gags.
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Posted 4/5/14 , edited 4/6/14
Really wish this would be translated sooner than later, I enjoy the comedy in this a lot. Maybe it will get translated sooner, although I think they aren't too far ahead on raws, maybe like chapter 51 or so, If I remember correctly.
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First manga I ever purchased, always gonna be one of my favorites, Volume 5 US release soon!
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"Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2014."
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