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We all have those long, over a hundred episode series that we love to marathon through. One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Hunter x Hunter, Gintama, ect..But what story arc stands above the rest in your own opinion?

1. State the series it's from, what the arc is called, a description of why you like it (with spoilers spoilered), and a picture that you think best represents the arc.
2. It must be from a series with more than 30 episodes
3. It must be completed at the time you post
4. Don't start a flame war (seriously), these are personal opinions and should be viewed as such.

Just say your favorite(s)

Like so...

One Piece- Sabaody Archipelago

Gintama- Ikkoku Keisei Arc

Gintama is not known for focusing on dramatic action filled arcs, it being a comedy 90% of the time, but when it gets serious, you'd better be prepared for tear-jerking, suspenseful, edge of you're seat entertainment. Out of all the great arcs of Gintama, this one wins the top prize for
showing Gintoki's back story in much greater detail, and throwing in a beautiful love story along the way. And at only 5 episodes, so much stuff was packed in there that there was never a dull moment.
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My favorite One Piece arc and probably my favorite anime/manga arc is the Arlong arc.
That arc is what made me fall in love with the series. The previous arcs were definitely enjoyable, but Arlong arc will always stand out to me as the turning point of the series.

It's the first arc where we saw the Straw Hats work as a true crew. It was the first arc where had a very emotional back story. Even though Sanji's back story was emotional, Nami's back story was better connected to the present time of the series. Most of the Straw Hats fought against their first formidable opponent. Every Straw Hat brought their A-game, and of course we had some of the most memorable moments in the whole series.
Walk to Arlong Park and Luffy beating Arlong
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Two favorite arcs are unaired, but I prefer them to Marineford by a lot. They're in TAMNI series To aru series, a certain magical Index series whatever you call it. They're WWIII and Magic God Othinus arc. It has 33 volumes, and has more content than OP, new book comes out every 4 months. There are 4 manga spin-offs. If the anime were actually done right (I mean it's good and all but could be much better), it would be longer than Detective Conan and the other main shonen series like Naruto/One Piece/ Fairy Tail/ Bleach/ and so on...

Third favorite arc is Marineford... because well... it was epic. ;)

Fourth favorite arc is the arc being adapted in the new anime of Fairy Tail right now, that was a good one. Even though it hasn't been adapted yet, it's being adapted now, and from what they did in episode one they'll be making this one a good arc it seems.

Fifth favorite arc might be the current Filler arc of Naruto (not even kidding...) I've liked every episode a lot.

Sixth favorite arc was Clannad After Story/Bakuman's ending arcs.

Eighth favorite arc was the train arc around chapter 806'ish in Detective Conan with the BO.

Ninth favorite arc was the Sisters arc (Railgun S) though it's from my third favorite anime (an anime is more than just the story )

10th favorite story arc was GTO's final arc in the manga. That was a good one. (it's hard because most of the long anime arcs I've seen are only ok...)
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